Wanna run my line?

Chris S

I've just walked back from the shops along a fairly dark, quiet road. As I passed a group of three Asian youths one of them said "Wanna run my line?"

Does anybody know what it means? There were a couple of other people some distance behind them so I just ignored him and walked on.


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Something to do with drugs?


It must be a pilot for the long awaited sequel to What's My Line


In the drugs trade, there is a hierarchy where the runners are the most junior 'staff'. Their job is to move the drugs from one place to another and to sell directly to the punter.

This is to protect the main dealer/s from the police in the event the runner gets caught.

The reference to a 'line' is where the main dealer will allocate a territory to one of his runners. It also stems from the telephone number given to that runner i.e. hotline for punters to call.
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Street names or nicknames for Cocaine:

Bernie's Flakes, Big Bloke, Bernie's Gold Dust, Big Flake, Blanca, Crack, Flake, Gold Dust, Haven Dust, Have A Dust, Icing, Line, Pearl, Paradise White, Snow White, Snowcones, Sleigh Ride, White Powder, and White Mosquito.


Run? Well, to transport it from him to someone else.
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Some folk here know a little bit too much :whistle:

Take me for example, we moved offices to the leafy Hulme :wacko: in Manchester about 5 years ago. I joked with a 'younger' colleague about all the gas canisters you've got to watch out for - bit like banana skins. I joked that either someone is getting lots of punctures or god knows. He laughed, 'it's Nitrus oxide, the students inhale it'... :blush: That's me told.
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