Was it the chihauhaus or rich people that reported us?

Loch side.
I see the Another Bad Cyclist thread overheated and got locked. I can't see why.

Chihauhau Hunting is legal in many countries and as long as no bicycles are damaged in their demise, I see nothing wrong with it. Apparently they are quite tasty too, albeit a bit boney.

Or perhaps it was the rich people who complained about being mocked about their choice of vermin pets.

Or perhaps it was mention of the N-word?

Or the unblurring of the said hunter's photo?

Or the obscure mention of a helicopter ride?

What was it?


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And who cares?

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Because it was a hateful vile thread. Being a dog person (although I am not a Chihauhau fan but would never wish any harm to them), if some twat cycled over my dog, I would not exactly be very pleased if that is how you reacted to it.

Well done, you have just shown your true colours 'joke' or not, and the fact you can't see what is wrong says it all.
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And who cares?
Actually some of us to do care. And I am not talking about the dog or the cyclist.

The story was carried one day after the incident by the particular media including the part about the dog being made of steel and the cyclist not stopping. Clearly the reporter was persuaded to recite verbatim what the multi-millionaire and a relative to a member of the royalty had said.

In the same vein, the lady who got knocked down by a cyclist at Tower Bridge had to resort to Twitter before the press and the embarrassed Police who sent her a "no leads, case closed" letter did a u-turn and found a photo. And it was months later.

If we can't have a spirited discussion albeit members who breach rules on civility taken out of the thread, it does not a reflect well on the collective membership.
I think the whole story, from a cocaine-using criminal, was highly dodgy and responded in kind. If he managed to take a photo the cyclist plainly didn't just ride off at all. There is no evidence anything happened, and if a shaven-headed coke head started taking photos of me in the park I'd leg it too.

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How about another scenario?

Yapping, snarling little rugrat goes nuts at a passing bike, tries to take a lump out of riders leg and sufferers a glancing blow for it's pains. Up her own backside dog owner starts screaming at the cyclist who responds with a few well chosen words and rides off.

Many of us have been there.


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Where do you draw the line?
If I see a pigeon or grey squirrel on road I make no attempt to avoid them, either in car or on bike. (and I've only once dissected a pigeon with the 700cx25s)
Both are vermin (as far as I am concerned)....but I'd do everything consistent with my own safety to avoid hurting a dog or animal that might be someone's pet.
Not everyone is the same.
But ..that pigeon might have been a racing pigeon who just set down on the road for a rest, and could have meant a lot to someone.

As Joe suggests there might be two sides to this one....

Tin Pot

Dissected or bisected?

There are always two sides, my only judgement is that of if any of this is newsworthy?

Dog gets injured, big whoop. In other news, man stubs toe.
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