We need the CC opinion on Classic British Cuisine

Dave 123

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Crap tier- black pudding?

In that case the poll is a load of sh1te.


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Eton mess. Fat and carbs, but of a different kind. It does at least have fruit in it!

They seem to have stuck to savoury stuff. I'd go for things like Dorset Apple cake, summer pudding etc as well. Not to mention Spotted Dick and Custard (although that alway sounds like an embarrassing male disease to me).


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The poll has failed to weight the results to compensate for the varying population densities in 'Britain'.:sad:


It's a bit more complicated than that...
I suspect that in a similar French poll steak frites and pain would come out much higher than escargots and andouillettes. Surveys like this are almost designed to favour the bland and inoffensive.
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