Weedkiller for lawns?.

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by keithmac, 19 Jun 2017.

  1. keithmac

    keithmac Über Member

    Hello all, just been using the Roundup to sort some weeds on our drive and path in the back garden.

    Our lawn has recovered from football related baldness (my lad prefers going out on the bike with his mates now) but it's riddled with dandelions.

    I've tried all sorts over the years from a Fiskars weedpuller to mowing it weekly but nowt works..

    Can anyone recommend an treatment that might work?, other than digging it all up and laying artificial turf..

    Or do I just put up with it and let the weeds win?.
  2. Globalti

    Globalti Legendary Member

    Let the grass grow longer and then cut it high, regularly. It will out-compete the dandelions.
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  3. Spiderweb

    Spiderweb Über Member

    North Yorkshire
    Evergreen feed & weed is great with moss and dandelions although it won't kill daisys.
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  4. Dave 123

    Dave 123 Guru Photo Winner

    Let the weeds win, introduce more.

    In work I use a product called Holster when I have to, but it's only available to the trade I think.

    Just use one of the weed and feed products.
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  5. Eddy

    Eddy Guru

    Interested myself in this, neighbour lifted decking then left the ground for two years to overgrow with weeds, he now has astroturf and we now have grass full of dandelions, spent hours pulling them out and reseeding bits, the dandelions were back up before the grass seeds had time to germinate.
  6. OP

    keithmac Über Member

    Similar to us, I spent ages digging the garden out, levelling it and laid my own turf, watering in on an evening etc.

    Looked lovely for a year but next door was just a weed fest so the inevitable happened!.
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  7. Buck

    Buck Veteran

    This is the best for lawns mid-season


    Then in autumn apply an Autumn weed and feed and then in spring the summer version. The challenge with these is they can scorch the grass if not applied carefully.

    As others have said, don't cut the lawn too short as this allows moss and dandelions to grow, leave it slightly longer and let the glass flourish (might need some water in this weather!)
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  8. pawl

    pawl Veteran

    Pop in to your local Garden centre or D I Y store .Plenty of lawn weed klllers around
    I had a problem with lawn weeds.A product called After cut you can get it as straight lawn fertiliser or with lawn weed killer.Still get the occasional weed ,just spray them with a pre mixed weed control product
    Just look in your local Garden centre
  9. pawl

    pawl Veteran

    Re my above post.If using a granular product you get a more even spread using a wheeled spreader
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  10. Ian H

    Ian H Guru

    Weeding by hand does work, but you do have to persevere. With dandelions, get as much of the root out as you can. I am firmly of the belief that weedkillers are a last resort—there's more and more evidence of the damage they cause.
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  11. fossyant

    fossyant Ride It Like You Stole It!

    South Manchester
    Evergreen "weed and feed". Don't use roundup on any weed in the lawn, you'll end up with a dead patch (including grass). Ideally when it's been, or is about to rain though - don't use in a dry spell.
  12. OP

    keithmac Über Member

    I managed to pull half a recycling bin full of dandelions out (roots and all!), weeks later it looked like I shouldn't have bothered unfortunately.

    Won't use Roundup near the lawn.

    Said to wife about letting grass grow higher but she's having none of it.

    Will try some lawn treatment and see how we get on.
  13. fossyant

    fossyant Ride It Like You Stole It!

    South Manchester
    The key is 3 days after it's been mown, and when its going to rain, if it doesn't, get watering or the grass will burn. Be careful not to step on the grass as you'll get black stained grass where you've stood if the grass is wet when treating it. A cheap spreader is best as you won't overdose patches, killing the grass. A couple of treatments a month or so apart should sort it. I also use after cut feed. I've not had chance to treat the grass more than once this year as it's been rather dry.
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  14. midlife

    midlife Veteran

    Isn't something like Verdone a hormone weed killer that kills broadleaf plants but not grass. Trying to remember my a levels but something to do with the difference between monocotyledons and dicotyledons.....
  15. OP

    keithmac Über Member

    Read about Verdone but people have being moaning that the new version's no good?.
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