well no more bike for me


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North Baddesley
GWS :okay:

Grant Fondo

Oswalds legs look strangely human?
+1 on a speedy recovery, hope you are back in the saddle soon :okay:

cougie uk

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a car got to close and I wiped out took them for ever to fix shoulder every part of my body hurts. ps this was the first time I was put under. it sucked I still am not 100 percent where I am at
How close did it get ? It didn't hit you then ? Hope you get better soon - you're not going to be 100% on day one though but everyone takes a tumble from time to time. Good luck for your recovery.


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Thank you for your kind reply's im having trouble typing wednedaay I find out if I surgery. im stuck in bed now hurts ro much to move. im wishing I had bed pan
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