What are you doing for Christmas?

Im at home with the missus and the little one, all on our own until the weekend following xmas. Lovely

Unfortunately im on call all next week so can go anywhere anyway.


Wifey and myself are finally having a just us xmas day, I cant wait..got all the family for new yr but as I dont bother with alcohol much ill have a clear head unlike the kids..lol im looking forward to making huge amounts of noise and playing games..payback time


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We're going out for Christmas dinner with the in-laws but other than that the rest of the day is our own. My mum's coming over on the 27th then that'll be it for family.
Days-Off; Monday 22nd/Tuesday 23rd
Working; 09:00 - 18:00 Wednesday 24th/Thursday 25th/Friday 26th^_^^_^^_^^_^ (might try & push it, to 21:00, on the 25th..........)

Sadly, I'm working (08:00 - 16;00 on Sunday 28th, as I want to compete in this (done it twice before) http://denbydaletravellers.org.uk/ESW/Files/DENBY_DALE_TRAVELLERS_RUNNER_V_BIKE_2014.pdf

Days-Off; Tuesday 30th/Wednesday 31st; so..........I've entered http://woodentops.org.uk/index.php?topic=als&subtopic=home

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In laws (if I was married)...her parents, my very long term GF, my 2 kids, her brother & sister & partners, their 6 kids and me. Always a very hectic one on the day. I have 10 days off to escape from the world. Happy, happy ^_^


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Normally it is just TVC and myself but we lost mum in September so this year dad is with us Christmas Eve-Boxing day, my brother is a single parent and normally they go to our folks on Xmas day, instead they are coming to us. So for the first time we are 'doing' Christmas and we are having all the trimmings.


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With the parents at their new gaff, along with my brother, His girlfriend and their dog

No doubt involve way too much food and drink


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If it would not upset a lot of people, I would stay at home alone, watch only pre-recorded non-Christmas TV shows, eat my normal diet, turn off my phones, and ignore the whole thing. This party blackout would last through to the New Year, then I would get on with my life again, such as it is!

My sister rings me at 00:00:01 every Jan 1st to do the HNY thing. I never answer, but she keeps on doing it.

If I had the money, I would take a bike to somewhere warm and sunny and get a few hundred miles of cycling in while half of the population of the world went mad.

So ... as usual, it will be family, friends, and a few big meals for me, and no cycling! :laugh:
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