What bike jersey brands do you wear?


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I have a silk rapha one, I wear my sister's huub one and I have this random one my Mum got for me from some no name brand. I have no idea what brands to go for with bike jerseys, but the rapha and castelli ones look nice. Any brand recommendations or what to look for when buying a bike jersey?


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One is from Mountain Equipment Co-op, Vancouver and the other from Lidl, Clapham Junction. Hardly big brand stuff.


Castelli for me I only buy in the sales and shop around even I few bargains of ebay.
I’ve tried cheep stuff which maybe fine for some but I found they don’t work for me.
Everyone is different and you just need to work out what you like and what‘s comfortable.


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I’ve got a dozen jerseys probably but mostly not more than one of the same brand. I buy whatever is on sale in my size that I like the design of.
No DHB or Castelli though as their women’s sizes are extremely ungenerous!
Brand doesn’t matter frankly, fit and aesthetic do


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I have quite a few jerseys some of them old
Rapha (none bought at full price, some secondhand, the merino ones are the best jerseys I own)
Aldi (good quality for price paid)
Gore (good quality)
Nike (MTB biased, I don't think they do them anymore, great in warm weather)
Tenn (cheap and cheerful)
Beanbag (Old club jersey from the 1980's impossible to wear out)
Pro-fit ( Modern lightweight club jersey very cool when the going gets hot)
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I've a couple of Owayo jerseys and a Pearl Izumi, but the ones that get the most use by far are the Planet X primavera jerseys I bought to commute in. They were around £15 each and the quality is amazing for the price. I use them for non-commute riding more than the others, tbh.


Aldi mostly (good value and long lasting IME)
Craft when in sale in Go Outdoors or in TK Maxx (high quality, good fit and well made IME/O)
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