What does your Avatar mean?

Jimmy Doug

If you know what's good for you ...
Some people's avatars can have deep personal significance. Does yours mean anything to you? Why did you choose it?
I guess the young 'uns won't recognise mine. It comes from the highly successful Weetabix advertising campaign in the 80s. The characters are from the "Weetabix Club". They were cool - and for years we all went round saying "If you know what's good for you..." and "OK". The picture in my avatar reminds me of that time, and casts me back to when I was at school, when I had my first crush; when pink was fashionable, and we all wore white socks with brightly coloured, baggy shirts; Miami Vice, The 'A' Team, Dangermouse....My paper rounds at 5 in the morning, the door-to-door butcher who had a crush on my mum, when we still used pounds and ounces and were just getting our heads around centigrade...And I discovered cycling. Good ol' days!


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Mine is Finbarr saunders from Viz. I haven't actually bought Viz for well over a decade

Night Train

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First sight we had of our cat, Alf, in his pen at the Shelter before we were introduced last October.
Your cat is named after me. :hello:

Mine is me, in a sense.
A free creature, will do no harm, belongs to no one, unbranded, cannot be kept in captivity, will do what is good and right, will not be recognised for what it is, only associates with beings that are good by nature so pretty much all beasts and only a small handful of humans, will only stay by choice not through duty or obligation, cannot be bought or traded, has great integrity.


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Mine are my feet standing on a glass floor 1400 ft above the ground. It is was the only interesting picture of my feet I had at the time :laugh:


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current one is a famous French flatulist. :smile:
I thought he might have been a cyclist who had suffered a lot of punctures, wrong again.:sad:
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