What Facebook groups have you been banned from?

I was 'forced' to join some years ago when a close relative was organising a funeral and all arrangements were on a (private) chat thingy.
Reminds me - for a fair while fb kept recommending someone to me as a fb friend who i knew to be dead. I did know them when alive and had been to their funeral (not arranged in fb) but had had no dealings with them on fb. Kinda especially spooky as i had also read (tho i think fb has always denied it) that if you got repeated suggestions about a person it meant that they had been looking at your profile.

meta lon

MTBE, funny as fook, i think most of us got a ban when the owner was pulled up on a prize con..
As for FB and the other follow someone elses life as yours is crap.. Ffs get one


Shambling ruin of a man
You, simple fools: "I've been banned from a facebook group about glamping because I said that tepees were cultural appropriation"
Me, a genius: I banned myself from Facebook because they are morally bankrupt, psychologically manipulative, farking daffodil shoot baxters who cannot be trusted with a single byte of data
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