What Facebook groups have you been banned from?

I was 'forced' to join some years ago when a close relative was organising a funeral and all arrangements were on a (private) chat thingy.
Reminds me - for a fair while fb kept recommending someone to me as a fb friend who i knew to be dead. I did know them when alive and had been to their funeral (not arranged in fb) but had had no dealings with them on fb. Kinda especially spooky as i had also read (tho i think fb has always denied it) that if you got repeated suggestions about a person it meant that they had been looking at your profile.


MTBE, funny as fook, i think most of us got a ban when the owner was pulled up on a prize con..
As for FB and the other follow someone elses life as yours is crap.. Ffs get one
You, simple fools: "I've been banned from a facebook group about glamping because I said that tepees were cultural appropriation"
Me, a genius: I banned myself from Facebook because they are morally bankrupt, psychologically manipulative, farking daffodil shoot baxters who cannot be trusted with a single byte of data


Most facebook groups are run by Nazi patrol officers who couldnt crack a smile on their face if their life depended on it. I received nasty bullying comments on a Facebook group including one such comment addressed to me from a bloke telling me to go learn how to ride your bike you prick.

They seem to be full of attention seekers trying to out do each other on strava or sit making endless posts about bike cleaner from Aldi. But when I make a post or post something funny I'm spamming the group. Whatever.


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London Taxi Drivers Association. I really, really, really tried not to say anything that would identify me as a cyclist but the rubbish that was spouted on there I couldn't help myself. I did however learn that cyclists are not top of the black cabbies hit list. Oh no we're a way down. The list is:

  • Yellow badge drivers that tout for trade in central London
  • Cabbies who jump the queue at busy stations to get the best passengers
  • Uber Drivers
  • Cyclists
They are a very strange bunch led by that McNamara bloke who hasn't quite made it into the 20th Century yet


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None, because I'm still not on Facebook. Or Twatter. Or TitTok. Or Instantgran.

It's the most relaxing way.
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