What film did you watch last night?


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Gorllewin Cymru
I know what you mean - I spent most of the movie going 'Jeff Bridges? No, it's not Jeff Bridges...'
My better half also thought it was Jeff Bridges. Not a bad film, Nolte outperformed Redford in my opinion.


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Last night watched Mudbound. A bit of a slow burner, i almost gave up on it in the first 1/2 hour it was that slow. But it panned out to be a great movie with great acting. A story of racism and the hardship of farming in the deep south around the time of WW2. The film also touched on PTSD.


North Shields
The Head Hunter - 9/10

I watched this having seen it recommended by John Squires, editor of Bloody Disgusting, as I'd initially dismissed it as a weird looking Predator rip off from the poster.

I'm glad I got over that, as this is an absolute masterpiece of indie horror, the atmosphere, practical effects, sound design and central performance all come together perfectly to create a tense, effective and absorbing film. We watch one guy throughout, who is a sort of super human hunter who guards a castle from various monsters, but lives outside the city walls. Dungeons and Dragons this is not though, and there are no cackling witches or weird lore for no reason, this is straight up all about the guy and his ultimate quest for revenge against what killed his daughter.

It was made for just $30,000 and embarrasses films made for vast amounts more, it really is that good.


Firm and Fruity
I rewatched Life of Brian and Holy Grail on Netflix after maybe 15 years.
life of Brian is a timeless classic, Holy Grail just wasn’t as good as I remember. Maybe I am older but it just didn’t seem as funny.
I watched 1917 ( the First World War movie ). It was absolutely fantastic.


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The Rise of Skywalker.

Less plot than a Bruce Willis action movie, too much emphasis on effects which detracts from the actual action. The die hard fans will love it regardless, but for the more casual viewer its quite disappointing, cliched, and lacking in substance.



I think it's the most "pure" action movie I've ever seen. What it does, it does very well. No attempt at humour, romance, character development, originality, titillation - nada. My favourite action movies all have some of the above, but there have been a lot of bad action movies that would have benefited from this approach!
[seen on Freeview, just FYI :smile: ]
It shares with Shooter, that key plot device: " Them boys killed ma dawg"


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We have been watching "Anne with an e" on Netflix. We are on episode 5 now and will probably carry on watching it tonight as nothing worth watching on tv. The weather is playing havoc with reception so we can't get itv and many other channels, just BBC.
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