What film did you watch last night?

Acutely it was yesterday afternoon Angeles And Demons. Recorded from when it was last on TV


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Couple in the last few days

"Galaxy Quest" - the has-been cast of a Star Trek series eek out a living appearing at fan conventions, but get recruited by space aliens who think they are real heroic astronauts. Affectionately parodies Star Trek, a superb cast including Sigourney Weaver, and Alan Rickman who is particularly wonderful as the jaded British actor bemoaning the depths to which he's sunk "I've played Richard III !" he laments at one point. Nice details like the minor actor roped in to the space aliens' scheme who's terrified he's going to be killed because his character doesn't have a last name. Like many great comedies, it's played straight if that makes sense. I'd never watched it before as I'd wrongly dismissed it, but prompted by another favourable review on here, gave it a go.
Superbly done: 8/10 of pure entertainment,

We also watched "Their Finest" - a BBC-ish film about scriptwriting a propaganda film about the Dunkirk evacuation. Three excellent leads, Gemma Arterton, the central character, a secretary who becomes a scriptwriter; Sam Claflin, who also played Mosley in Peaky Blinders, superb as the cynical and sarcastic more established writer; and Bill Nighy on top form as a jaded ham actor past his best (standard Bill Nighy, but he's awfully good at it). Clever and witty, but never underplaying the seriously high stakes and desperation of the times, with tragedy and loss as well as joy. Particularly resonated that the interference of the "men from the ministry" though seeming silly, is actually of vital importance since how the film appears in America, and indeed the morale effect in the UK are matters of national survival
After having watched "Mank" about the writer of "Citizen Kane" only a week or so back it's funny have two excellent films about scriptwriting so close together. I enjoyed this a lot - another 8/10
I'll normally watch most things with Gemma Arterton in them but had to switch that off after half an hour, if I'd stuck with it would it have got better?
Peter Rabbit, with daughter

Quite good fun actually:okay:

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Pa_Weidt08


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Killer Joe - Matthew Mcconsomething steamrolls tgrough the movie as bigger than life, Texan policeman who moonlights as siccario and child rapist. It kind of reminds me of Bad Lieutenant with Nicolas Cage with similarly magnetic performance.
A dumber than average disfuncional family hires a killer to collect insurance and chaos ensues.

View: https://youtu.be/JYcUUXq6Kd8



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Am I the only person in this universe who enjoyed the voiceover version more???

It does add something - but then I find it takes away some of the atmosphere in the scene at the same time. A bit like the extended Lord Of The Rings bits - you like seeing them but soon realise why they were cut in the first place.


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Am I the only person in this universe who enjoyed the voiceover version more???
You're not alone! It made the film even more like Film Noir. Like a character from a Raymond Chandler story, thrown into the crazy world of replicants and skies the color of television tuned to an empty channel ...


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I Called Him Morgan.

A docu about Helen Morgan who shot her husband, jazz trumpeter Lee Morgan, at Slugs' bar NYC in 1972. There was a blizzard that night in NYC, the ambulance took an hour to get to the bar and he bled to death.

Most jazzers will know the basic bones of the story, but this did a really great job of fleshing it out Its based around some interviews she gave shortly before her death and rescues her (and Lee to a certain extent) from historical clichë.

Well worth a look and of course the soundtrack is sans pareil.


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The Fault in Our Stars - dull, trite bore-fest about the great undying love of two dying teenagers, which unaccountably gets 7.7 on IMDB. It's obvious where this is going after about five minutes, then it takes upwards of two hours to get there. Cynical, dramatically inert, lazy. I've seen worse, but I really wouldn't go north of 5/10 for this one.
I don’t think you or I are the target audience.
It’s aimed at teenage girls.
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