What is the best cycle computer

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Anyone know what is the best cycle computer to buy for my road bike. I currently use a garmin 405 but is messy when you want to check speed etc as you not only have to take your eyes of the road but your hands of the handlebars. You are also limited in what you can see at any one time on the watch face. was wanting to go wireless aswell.


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Any particular features you want? Budget?

If it's just a basic wireless computer that gives speed, distance, elapsed time etc then the Cateye Strada Wireless is good at £40ish. If you want cadence then they do the Strada Double Wireless for a bit more cash. Only down side of these is that you can only view 2 pieces of info at a time.

If money's not an object then I would go for the new Garmin Edge 500 for about £200 and up depending on which package you get.


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thanks for the reply. I am looking for something around 50 to 60 pounds. Don't really want to spend as much as a garmin but would like to have the usual features. Are there any out there that would have an altimeter as I have got used to this with the garmin 405 or any that will link to your computer as at the moment I download all my training runs to fetcheveryone.



Seriously, I enjoyed my cycling more when I cycled before a computer. Now that I have one, I'm obsessed with my speed.
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