What *is* your personal n+1 bike? (Pics please)


I'd quite like to try one of these. Hub geared, 531 frame, simple design...

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But to be honest there's no bike I really fancy as an N+1 right now. I only bought my Boredom Team Carbon because it was cheap, not because I especially desired it, and because of that it's not getting much use right now. I've determined that 9 bikes is ample, and will not be adding any more to the fleet, no matter how cheap, unless it really gets my pulse racing.
Oh for the ability to have the space for 9 bikes!
I'd probably still only have 3...


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East Kent coast
Here's my father's 75th birthday present (from a few years ago): Varonha Reynolds 853 with stainless steel highlights, Newvex lugs, Campagnolo Potenza groupset and some Berthoud & VO finishing kit.
Traditional design - 73 degree parallel - with modern gears and brakes that work well: old meets new:smile:
We were delighted with how it turned out: the shop who put it together kindly did a photo gallery too - View: https://www.facebook.com/thebicycleworks/photos/a.1781100341901765/1781100821901717/?type=3&theater
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For me, I'm toying with getting a 'used' one of these, a TREK Madone 9.0. There's current 2 for sale in my size.


I have a soft spot for Trek and whilst I can't justify the above (as I have lovely Giant Propel), its cheaper than the more exotic versions. There's always a few advertised but the matt black is not my cup of tea and in my eyes, the glossy red/white is the only colour the above should be available in.

When going up a level things like Bianchi's Aria and Oltre make the exotic Trek Madone versions look rather expensive.
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It’s not my cup of tea, but each to their own. It’s a broad church here.
And anyway, it probably looks ok in the dark. :crazy:
True enough, however IMO most of these modern designs are awful and the Trek designs especially.
To be fair, some of the Trek designs are really nice, but some are less so. I bought a Trek Domain 4. I loved the paint it was gorgeous, but it had a fault and I didn't like the ride, so I returned it. I bought a Trek Emonda instead, the paint is boring but it's a great bike otherwise. Oh, and I got a very good discount, so an easy decision. Why are so many bikes now this matt grey colour scheme? I find them a bit boring, but I guess there must be a very good number of folk who love them.

The Trek Project 1 includes a palette of colours and they allow customers to create their own custom scheme and then make it for them. So if any of us see a Trek in a non-standard paint colourway, and we don't like it, it's not entirely Trek's fault.
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