What *is* your personal n+1 bike? (Pics please)


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I mean I do quite fancy a Trek Madone, or a Giant TCR advanced pro1, or something fancy, and then there's the Tern GSD!

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I used to love Mercian’s online frame customiser app. My n+1 might look a bit like this:

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They're only about 20 miles away from me, there was a local shop (Sid Mottram's) used to have gorgeous bikes in the window. The 'top of the range' bikes frames in there were built for him by Mercian Cycles, I think the cheaper ones were Holdsworth built (all badged as 'Sid Mottram' Leicester though)


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Why are so many bikes now this matt grey colour scheme? I find them a bit boring, but I guess there must be a very good number of folk who love them.
It's a shame isn't it, I think it's probably just that grey or black are the least divisive colours and therefore least likely to sit in stock than say, lime green. It's not necessarily that people actively prefer it over anything else, or that's my suspicion. Your Trek is lovely, but it would be lovelier still in red, or purple, or *something* funky!

My daughter is glad that the palette on the Trek children's range is more diverse... her N+1 was always "anything, so long as it's pink and purple".

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My N+1 is maybe a little bit less exotic... It's something that doesn't quite exist yet - I have specs in mind, it's just getting the bits and building the bike. Basically I want a MTB but with gearing for the flat as a winter / mucky road / crappy road surface bike that has the capability to do some trails and bridleways.

13 inch hardtail frame & forks
26 inch wheels, maybe 24, it's kind of borderline given the frame size
Disc brakes, not fussed whether mechanical or hydraulic
44-32-22 triple up front
11-34 nine speed on the back
Trigger shifters

I've been thinking about this for a good year and a half now. Trouble is, a lot of junior bikes are too small / have the wrong gearing / only single chainring, and the adult bikes are too big. Don't see the point of buying a new bike only to strip half the components off, so looking for a used bike as a donor. Plus it will likely be the least used bike in my fleet, so I don't want to spend oodles. Budget for this is quite tight.


11-34 nine speed on the back
Something I found when sorting both mine to 9-speed is that the 11-34t and 11-36t cassettes, if Shimano, have some uneven jumps between ratios. But the cassette does come in 12-36t, and this version is pretty smooth right across, and give you two extra teeth to boot!
Edit: if you can do with 8-speed 11-34 and don't mind said gear jumps too much, then I have the cassette and appropriate flat-bar shifters/brakes just sitting here in a box. And the rd, come to that...The levers work fine on mechanical discs.
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