What *is* your personal n+1 bike? (Pics please)

Something I found when sorting both mine to 9-speed is that the 11-34t and 11-36t cassettes, if Shimano, have some uneven jumps between ratios. But the cassette does come in 12-36t, and this version is pretty smooth right across, and give you two extra teeth to boot!
Edit: if you can do with 8-speed 11-34 and don't mind said gear jumps too much, then I have the cassette and appropriate flat-bar shifters/brakes just sitting here in a box. And the rd, come to that...The levers work fine on mechanical discs.
Hmm, well my hybrid runs the 11-34 shimano 9-speed, so I guess I'm used to it. But a 12-36 sounds much better, bearing in mind that I hardly use the 11. And this bike, by the time I get all the gubbins on it, will be heavier than the hybrid.

Appreciate the offer of parts though. :okay:

But let me find a donor bike first, and then see where I go. Looking around, most junior frames of that ilk are only 7 speed, so space between the dropouts might be an issue. No point getting bits now, only to find that they don't fit...

And that's assuming I can fit a FD to a frame that comes fitted with a single chainring, as so many of them seem to.


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Peterborough, UK
13 inch hardtail frame & forks
26 inch wheels, maybe 24, it's kind of borderline given the frame size
Disc brakes, not fussed whether mechanical or hydraulic
44-32-22 triple up front
11-34 nine speed on the back
Trigger shifters
This sounds like a mini-29er. It would be interesting to see it finished.


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Ha.. You and who's army?
Thing is.. my dear partner... her bike is one of those horrid celeste colour Bianchis.. and she won't let me get rid of it for her :rolleyes:^_^
A nice colour if you wast a bike to match yer 'Strat'


Mrs M

Looking at this for continuing my commuting after all this Covid is over.
All sold out but can wait until next year.
Seems to tick all the boxes :smile:
Mr M is keen on an e road bike, (but not on the prices) :ohmy:
I find my carbon road frame uninspiring. I'd swap it for a modern lightweight steel one. Except it would have to be new, to have a 1 1/8" threadless steerer. And 853.

/browses Argos Racing Cycles website

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