What is your rescue remedy for cycle breakdowns miles from home?

I ask this question with the assumption that there is no train station close to where you break down. Also, that the bike is not repairable at the roadside.

It is not so much the distance from home, but whether or not there is a solution for when it happens. Pushing or carrying a bike just 5 miles would be a ball ache.

Maybe most have/know someone with a vehicle able to pick them up. Of course, they have to be available at the time. I have a friend with a mini bus who would rescue me, but some years he is out of the country for a month at a time.

I would happily pay an additional fee on to my car breakdown cover to get this, but I don't think any offer it. Will look into it though, and report back if I find anything.


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Look at ETA cycling services, they'll arrange transport to get you home or the nearest station


I rarely ride that far from a station as I live in SW London, nor anywhere without a mobile signal to get a cab in extremis. I had it in the past, never needed to use, In fact just signed up again
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Carry a few tools and hopefully being totally stuck will be rare.

You can bodge a broken gear cable to get you home single speed.

If you have 32 or more spokes a spoke key will let you get away with one busted spoke for a gentle ride home.

A chain tool and quick connector may well save your day.

A petrol generator and arc welder in your panniers would fix a cracked steel frame in minutes.:-)


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I have asked the AA and the RAC if they would consider a breakdown recovery only service for bikes if you are already a member and both turned me down flat even saying something like £25-£35 per year.
For my own use, if it was unrepairable I would find a house that would look after my bike/trike while I walked/hitch or bus back home and then go and get the car to pick it up.
I do carry a lot of tools/spares so I think it would have to be a major breakdown or accident to stop me getting home.


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I had a non repairable breakdown last week,4.3 miles from home.I did have a rescue drive available however it would have been complicated as would have had to move child seats and then my better half would have had to driven the bigger car down country lanes that she has never driven before,the car and the lanes,plus they were out shopping at the time,It was alot easier just to walk.If I was 10 miles away it would have been a different story.
Or pay £18 just in case :okay:

I’m mechanically inept so happy to have peace of mind for a rare occurrence for an annual price equivalent to a burger and a beer :smile:
I am 100% with you here Vickster, and thank you for sharing this. At £18 it's a no brainer to not have it. Each to their own methods, but I will certainly sign up.


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Unless it's a taxi whereby the rear seats go flat , how does it work - just curious
Most taxi firms have vehicles that will take a bike by folding the seats, or have estates or minivans, you just specify your need when you call.

I once got a hackney but it was one of those big converted Pegeot van things so I got the whole bike in where I sat, no need to remove any bits.
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