What should be in my SPD shoe box?


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OK sorry if I am foolsih but first set of clip-ins.

Just bought some Shimano SH-M086Z shoes (mountain bike style SPD's).

The box just has the shoes and two backing plates.
No waterproof backing pad or screws or cleat covers.

What should be in the box?
The bike (Genesis Croix de Fer) I am buying comes with Shimano PD-M520 clipless pedals.
Should this come with cleats?
Do I need to buy the cleat cover, screws etc seperately?



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screws come with the cleats which come with the pedals normally, or cleats/screws are bought over the counter at your LBS - two styles don't forget; SM-SH56 single release and SM-SH51 mutli release. ye pays yer money and ye makes yer choice. Ask your supplier if the M520's come with cleats when shipped as part of the bike.

never ever been supplied with a cleat cover with new mtb shoes or mtb pedals, nor with mtb style shoes would I want such an accessory.

waterproof tape for the slots, seems to vary. I bought some spesh mtb shoes years back that already had plates in the sole, under the cutout cover but these had two bits of tape in the box as spares. I use gaffer tape to do the job anyway.


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You should find that the bike comes with the cleats and screws. Generally the shoes come as they are and the cleats and screws with the pedals.

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MTB shoes have the cleats recessed so you don't need cleat covers. The cleats normally come with the pedal and not the shoe (how would the shoe manufacturer know what pedal you are using?). I honestly can't remember if the Genesis bike I bought can with cleats though....


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Greg I believe it's the other way round, SM-SH51 are single release (twist left or right) and SM-SH56 are mutli-release (twist left or right or lift heel. Stick with the 51's less chance of disconnecting when pulling up on the pedal.
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