What TV are you watching?


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Summer of rockets now. Enjoying so far think I am on episode 3.
Please help me. I'm finding myself watching TJ Hooker.

It's so bad, it's laughable (in a really bad way mind you). I vaguely recall seeing a fleeting couple of minutes in the early 1980s and didn't think it was good then. The dialog is so incredibly stilted and awkward, the hairstyles are simply overwhelming in size and coiffure, the soundtrack sounds like it's from another <cough> type of entertainment from the 1970s, and watching this you'd believe all cops were absolute angels. And over acting? Don't get me started!


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A few relics from the 1970s...

Accident (1978). An 8 part series that follows the lives of ten people before and after being involved in a four-car pile up. Average but nostalgic... and seeing a pre-Nescafe Tony Head was possibly the high point. 7/10

State of Emergency (1975). Three part Distopian thriller series set in a Britain run by a fascist dictatorship. Patrick Mower plays a government official whose own wife is on trial for terrorism. Could have been great if the narrative twisted in the direction I predicted. It didn't. It was average. 5.5/10

Malice Afterthought (1979). Only on the first of four of this roaring 20s drama. A henpecked husband plots the murder of his overbearing wife. The jury's still out on this one.
I'm surprised how dated it is compared to UK programs.
Richard Rawlings usually makes some sort of reference to Sue's East Asian origins and she replies by calling him an 'ass-monkey' (homosexual)
True enough

Hence why I watch, when they're on; Sin City Motors (aka Welderup) & Diesel Brothers
There's generally far better/more interesting builds


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Keeping Faith S2 - watched the first 2 episodes so far.

S1 was very good - not sure of this season as it has gone off at a bit of a tangent.
Edit: update - settled down to watch S2 Ep3 last night and by christ it was awful.

There was an utterly pathetic cartoon scene where Faith, running late for a Court appearance, finally arrived and she struggled to get through the Court entrance doors when she became snagged in them. Utterly pathetic scene - like something out of comedy capers.

Shortly after Faith argues with her fellow lawyer Cerys and I swear she was trying out various facial expressions for an upcoming gurning contest. It was bizarre to watch a very talented actress hamming it up.

I think the series has completely lost its way. The binding plot of the first series was Evan's mysterious disappearance etc. Whilst some of the mystery has been resolved I would've thought that there was more mileage in exploring what had really happened in subsequent series.

What has happened imo is that the series two writer and director etc have focused on Faih's quirky girl personality and are trying to extract as much juice from this as is possible.

Telling inasmuch as I read an online article by the shows' producers saying that the character has much potential to develop further.

Anyway, to me it's now a bore-fest and I'll not be seeing it through to the end.
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