What TV are you watching?


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Banished to the bedroom (long story) and browsing iPlayer for something we might both enjoy, and said 'Spiral! Don't know anything about it, but I vaguely remember hearing good things,' and she said ok and we started watching. It was in foreign! My missus doesn't really do foreign so I thought uh-oh, but she said let's give it a try, and it's all good. Or bon, as they say in foreign.


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Drag Race (US)

Only one episode in, but I absolutely love it. Having a trans man competing makes it even better IMO.


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SERPENT: caught up with Eps1-3. It's very good, but it's just sooooo grim. he f;cks some people up, robs them etc, some other people help him for the cash/drugs/giggles, someone else dies, repeat ad - literally - nauseum. It doesn't help that the good guys aren't particulary interesting or likeable characters.
Not sure I have the stamina for another 5hours :sad:


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200 miles and 15,000 feet in one day, on a heavy steel framed bike with no gears. :eek: :wacko:

PS Oh, also largely on unmetalled roads. :ohmy:. They (the original team members) often got three or four punctures a day, which they of course had to fix themselves by the side of the road.
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Grand Designs.

After last week's first episode of this 21st series... that twonk with no taste made a right pig's ear of the old cemetery wardens house.

The 2nd episode, converting the 1980s barn was a joy to behold. I loved the corridor around the central 'cube' and the stairs from the bedroom leading to the workspace on top of the 'cube', meaning you can run around in a never ending figure of 8. I don't think there was anything I didn't like about that house... apart of course from the lack of curtains!

Why don't they have curtains? (Do they take them down for filming??)


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If you have Prime, I highly recommend " Le Ride" which is a film about 2 Australians men riding the route of the 1928 TdF with original 1928 bikes. Very inspiring and fascinating.
thanks for mentioning that film, watched it last night, really good
I watched Le Ride yesterday too. Great film, really enjoyed it. A big thanks from me @gavroche !


Spiral...obviously 😁 Still trying my best to not watch it all in one go.
Crashed on iplayer.Pheobe Waller- Bridge.Not sure why we've never watched this as my partner loves her.I think it's four or five years old but worth a watch/laugh.Comedy drama about some 20 somethings.
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