What would you do for a Klondike Bar ?

Smokin Joe

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Must be an American thing, never seen them here. Are they chocolate? Only chocolate would do it for me.


North Shields
I was going to ask the same thing, it could be anything from quite a lot to very little, I'd need to know more.
The UK version is a choc-ice.


Even though I've got an incredibly sweet tooth, I've normally had so much sugary stuff while riding - biscuits, cake, jelly babies (my personal choice of "gel") - that I need something salty when I get home, as I can't stand the thought of consuming any more sugar. Unless I've planned ahead and laid something specific in, I normally end up just grabbing a bag of crisps and wolfing those down.
Salt and vinegar crisps and Äpfelschorle (50/50 Apple juice and carbonated water).

Has to be the right brand though: Germans aren't always that good at crisps and have a tendency to add paprika.

It can take some searching to find proper crisps.
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