Whatcha got, hows it going ?

Discussion in 'Electric Bikes' started by gbb, 18 Feb 2019.

  1. meta lon

    meta lon Guru

    Trek powerfly 5
    New manitu air fork, mavics elite wheels and slx 11 speed.
    Carbon bars, bike weighs 18.5kg without the battery.
    The OE stuff was very heavy, fork was 2.6kg!! Wheels are now nearly 2kg lighter.

    Why you may ask, try lifting one over a gate!! :laugh:

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  2. jowwy

    jowwy The bearded Powerhouse

    Good bike.....dreadful photo lol
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  3. meta lon

    meta lon Guru

    Bit better..

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  4. kynikos

    kynikos Well-Known Member

    Or up these steps!

    My Riese & Muller, going well.

    Just got some stats on battery use (by distance traveled):
    • Turbo 10%
    • Sports 14%
    • Tour 30%
    • Eco 16%
    • None 30%

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  5. debrastorr

    debrastorr New Member

    Hi, I'm new here.

    After more or less giving up cycling (ankle injury), I bought a Volt Metro folding ebike a couple of months ago. Folding as we live on the east coast of Scotland but often visit the west coast so we'd like to take the bikes with us and we didn't fancy the tow bar racks for such a weight. So its a bit of a city bike for muddy tracks - but that doesn't necessarily stop me.

    On roads, I'm loving being able to overtake himself uphill at will and he complains that the ebike is just relentless - he can overtake downhill and on the flat but is usually knackered on the uphills. So I'm using Low levels of assist more and more in companiable cycling but push on with Normal when I'm on my own. I only kick up to High and Power when I've run out of gears on uphills. Power scares me on the flat! And the Walk mode is really handy getting off CalMac ferries in the west.

    Build quality seems OK and the battery indications seems OK - but I've not gone far enough in a single trip to really test the capacity.

    Decided to avoid the cheaper end of the market : the under £1000 bikes seem to come with 1 year guarantees. And there are some SERIOUSLY expensive toys out there. For me it was being clear about what I needed the bike to do - mainly on road/path but willing to be a bit uncomfortable on tracks to get to a few interesting places.

    I've replaced many short journeys with the bike and done a few local loops just for the fun of it. I reckon my ebike has made cycling as much fun as it was when I was 8.

    muddy track.jpg
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  6. OP

    gbb Legendary Member

    Welcome Debra :thumbsup:.
    That's what it should all be about, having fun. It's a strange thing, I remember one of my first rides on mine on a quiet country road, I found myself swooping from one side to the other...like a big kid ^_^...and I'm 60 :laugh:
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  7. theloafer

    theloafer Guru

    newton aycliffe
    new today just a 5 miles ride to the car/van but what fun the electric shifting is :biggrin:...

    and the g/f has this beauty she never stopped smiling all the way back ...:laugh:

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  8. Zanelad

    Zanelad Über Member

    Just bought a Giant Fastroad e. The flat bar version. I had a few laps of the car park at Grafham Water and it was a revelation. Switching between the different levels of assistance and seeing the speed increase as the gearing and cadence were kept the same. Spooky.

    They didn't have my size but I'll pick it up next weekend. I can't wait. Going to use it to commute on a couple of days a week, well, that's the plan and my justification ( to Mrs Z, anyway). I expect I'll have to pop to her favourite jewellers to buy her a trinket to keep her sweet^_^

    I'm off to peruse the commuting threads......
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  9. OP

    gbb Legendary Member

    If you commute a reasonable distance Zanelad, the assist is a revelation. If I do the 14 miles to work on my roadbike, its inevitable I will be sweaty as a sweaty thing on arrival if I want to do it in an hour (theres a fair hill not far from work)
    With the ebike...no problem at all, no sweatiness, a lovely way to ride for fun.
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  10. Zanelad

    Zanelad Über Member

    It's 11 miles each way, but much of that is on main roads. If i use back roads, much quieter of course, it's closer to 14 and a half. It's getting there without being all sweaty for the rest of the day that's my main concern. I can jump in the shower at home, but there's not one at work. I finish at 14.30 so the main road is much less busy.

    I already keep trousers and shoes at work as I use a motorbike in the warmer months and I'll take some shirts in on the days I use the car.

    Looking forward to riding in though.
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  11. Zanelad

    Zanelad Über Member

    Just got back from my first proper ride on the Giant Fastroad e. I'm very pleased with it. Feels like a normal bike, just easier to pedal. Much easier to pick up speed and maintain it. Whereas I usually potter at 14-15 mph i was constantly in the 17-18 mph range with the same effort. When one exceeded 15.5 mph you could detect the lack of drive and the extra effort needed, but it was no big deal, just like a slight incline in the road. When a proper incline slowed you down it was noticeable when the power kicked in and easy to maintain at least 15.5 mph. With the power set at mid level assistance, there's a bit left over for any decent hills that one might encounter.

    One of my usual loops which takes 45 minutes on my usual bike was done in 35.

    I'm riding to work tomorrow, not that I'm working, to check out both routes that avoid the main road.
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  12. Neo2

    Neo2 New Member

    I've got a Cannondale Synapse Neo 2 e-road bike and a Cube Reaction Hybrid SL 500 e-mtb. I've had the Cube nearly 12 months and done about 3500 miles on it, and I've had the Neo just over a month and done about 500 miles on it. I'm extremely pleased with both bikes, the Cube had an intermittent fault on the speed sensor when I first bought it, but once my LBS replaced that I have had no problems since.
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  13. jowwy

    jowwy The bearded Powerhouse

    I’m ringing the changes to my setups at the moment.....managed to grab myself a set of fox float 32s with kashima coating for the commuter, need to get a gold seat post now to match the kashima on the forks
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  14. jann71

    jann71 Über Member

    West of Scotland
    Do you know what I need to look for if I wanted to upgrade my forks possibly replacing with some Rox Shox ones.
  15. jowwy

    jowwy The bearded Powerhouse

    What bike do you have???
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