Whats it worth? Giant defy advanced 1 needing new frame.


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Advice much appreciated guys, seen this giant bike in need of a frame and have been thinking of buying a disc braked bike.
The bike needs a new frame and if i buy it i would be looking to buy a titanium frame and do a transplant so the question is whats it worth and is it worth buying?If i did make an offer dont think i would be happy go above about £350. https://www.gumtree.com/p/bicycles/giant-defy-advanced-1-road-bike/1343260637


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I would say the parts (excluding frame) are probably worth upwards of £700. But you would be using Giants weird brakes and I guess internally routed stem.

Edit - forget that, I thought it was the 2019 model and as new components.
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I would of thought from the scratches its been crashed. I doubt Giant would offer warranty for those reasons.
He does say---"The bike cost me £1600 and has done less than 200 miles just unfortunate i got a frame with a defect in it". If it was a genuine defect wouldn't he take it back to the bike shop for a replacement? Sound a bit iffy to me.


If its done 200 miles then Im a Dutchman. Its in poor condition badly scratched on chain and seat stay. Chain is quite black. I could give him benefit of doubt if ridden during wet ride, but scratches give it Away


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I call bullshit on that description, it's a bit like one careful old lady for car adverts.


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That bike is in a terrible state, the chain stays looks like they've been subjected to some force, and unless the rest of the components are in a good state you'll just be paying for the privilege of transporting the bicycle from it's previous owner to the local refuse centre where it will probably be taken for landfill.
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