What's that yoghurt and muesli mixture called?


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It's like a stiff yoghurt with nice chewy bits of muesli in a sort of mush. You get it on hotel breakfast buffets almost everywhere in the world except Britain and I love it but can't find it here.

What's it called?

Where can I buy it?

Is it good for pre-ride energy?


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Put some muesli in a bowl the night before.
Put fruit juice on it and leave it overnight - it will be soggy in the morning, with only the nuts still crunchy and the raisins still chewy.
Mix in some yoghurt of your choice.
(And probably yes for the energy - good slow-release stuff).
Bircher muesli. Traditionally made with cream, oats, grated apple nuts and maybe coconut. This is my standard brekky as I find it much more palatable than porridge. Typically low fat yoghurt, oats. Leave for at least 10 minutes or overnight or make enough for several days. Plain, or sprinkle with sugar or get creative.

I've packed it an old jar for eating before a long ride. Just bring a spoon.

EAT sell it, but it's trivially easy to make yourself


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Natural yoghurt and granola, just whap them both in a cup stir then eat, then if you are like me repeat the process. By that I do not mean burp! I would be off to the fridge now if I did not have a customer coming up the drive.


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McGinty has sent me a PM - he says it's called Shite.
Someone can't spell musli....


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Check your muesli. A lot have added sugar. Not nice. The dried fruit in muesli is quite high in sugar too. Evidently we tend to eat more dried fruit then we would if it was fresh. The fresh stuff contains water and the brain says yes you are full. The dried stuff has no water and the brain does not get that message. So we can overeat, which is more sugar and gain or, not lose weight. I never knew that until recently. I'm thinking of going over to fresh fruit in yogurt. I already add the fresh stuff to porridge.
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