Whats the silliest cycling thing you have done?


Seen a cyclist limping today, asked him what happened thinking bike accident?

He told me the inner soles in his cycling shoes kept coming out when he took of his shoes so before his last cycle he put superglue on them, every thing seemed great until he tried to take of his shoes and both his feet where glued to his shoes.

Removing his feet from his shoes involved cutting his shoes and cost him lots of skin.

know i have done many silly things but think that trumps any thing i have done.


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Can't beat that! :eek:


I can think of two slightly silly situations.
1. I'd just bought a new pair of cycling shoes and entered a race on one of the G Courses, about 50 miles away. Arrived at the HQ, got my bike out, got my kit out and discovered that I'd brought two left shoes with me. The new pair was similar to the old ones. Drove straight back home.

2. Living in Kent, I entered an open 10 run by my old Merseyside club. Drove the 250 miles to the start near Rainford in the morning. However, the grass cutting workers had been cutting the central reservation, but the cones they had put out to block off one of the lanes were still out. The event was cancelled! So drove 250 miles back home.


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When I was about 8 years old, borrowed my cousin's bike and went down a hill on it, in the wet. At the "T" junction at the bottom, I applied the brakes. They didn't work! Shot out into the road and was very lucky to not get hit by passing traffic :ohmy:.


Inflated the front tyre of my Chopper at the garage and proceeded full tilt down the adjacent hill with my friend on the back at which point tyre went bang and we ended up at A&E. One fractured arm one very red tea towel round my head I seem to remember. Oops.

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Noticed a bar end plug was coming out whilst I was cycling along. Thought I'd just bash it in without stopping ..........
I came on to say exactly this. Luckily I stayed on but not done that again.

Oh and in the days of VHS tapes - rented two for the evening and rode home with them in a plastic bag on the bars. They began to oscillate as I rode and got worse and worse - wobbling the bike. Had to stop and make better arrangements.

LBS put new brake blocks in my mates MTB. But backwards. Absolutely zero stopping power which resulted in him smashing a descent and out into the road, across the road and stopping in a hedge.
With about 30 cyclists watching. It was hilarious for us. Terrifying for him.


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Noticed a bar end plug was coming out whilst I was cycling along. Thought I'd just bash it in without stopping ..........
Did it have similar results to the Volkswagen driver who (allegedly) while driving along decided to right the VW logo in the centre of their steering wheel as they thought it was upside down?


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On a Fridays' trip to Dieppe, leaving the ferry on my bike in Dieppe after 9 pints of Stella, arguing with an armed Gendarme and then hurtling off down "Tout Routes" rather than "Centre Ville". It didn't end well as I paid a visit to a French A&E at the end of that evening. :wacko::wacko:


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Maybe 12 or 13, heading down the Cheddar Gorge, sneering at the signs warning about low gears and dismounting and all that sort of boring stuff, hit a good speed by the time I took a left swoop and realised it was a bit of a hairpin and I simply could not stay on the left side of the road. Fortunately there didn't happen to be a car coming up the other way at that particular point...


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My most recent one was particularly stupid and needless. My daughter was at the skate park about 2 months ago with her mate, both on their bikes. They were going up and down some of the smaller ramps tentatively, I was watching, and had ridden down on my steel tourer.

Daughter: "Dad, did you ever go in a skate park when you were young?"
Me, nonchalantly: "Oh yeah, we all had BMXs, we'd have been leaping over all these ramps, doing wheelies, endo's, no bother.
Girls: "Please please please show us a wheelie!"

So idiot 49 year old here set off over a couple of the ramps on a bike SO unsuited to it, got away with that just about, then popped a couple of wheelies... on the last one my foot slipped off the pedal as I pulled the bars up and I pulled a hamstring. I was limping for about 2 days.


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Navigational blunders.

Thinking "oh hey, I've missed my train, £15 for a new ticket is a rip off". Guess I'll cycle back to Oxford.
And promptly ending up on the Westway.

Or Google Maps deciding to lead me down the A34 from Bicester to Oxford, at rush hour. And me going along with it. Although in fairness to me, it advertised a mile (with a reasonably wide hard strip), and then you turn off onto back lanes. Only come that turning, it decided to recalculate and take me further down the A34... 😳

The worst navigational blunder on the face of it was entirely not my fault, at least initially. Outright misleading road signs and a propped open gate (just so angled that the "authorized vehicles only" sign, and indeed the gate, were not visible by bike light at 3am). Which left me doing 20 mph at the foot of a slip road with a decision to make - do I kill my momentum, turn around and go back, or carry on to the next exit... which was helpfully shown to be close at hand by the lights of a passing lorry illuminating a big blue sign :laugh:

Other than navigation, there's the scar I got from my chainwheel while trying to remove a pedal. There's also the crash I had at age 14 when I decided to let a patient motorist pass through a single lane traffic light, by mounting the kerb. Only it wasn't flush, so I flipped and smacked my head into a lamppost.
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