What's Your Favourite Carry On Film?


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Deal, Kent
Carry on camping! :eek: :blush: :laugh:


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Cleo for me.

There's a scene in 'Gladiator' where Proximo is looking over the slaves in the market, asks the big African "What was your trade?" and gets the reply, "I was a hunter!" Every time I see it I chuckle at the memory of Sid James and Jim Dale having the same conversation which continues, "A hunter? What did you hunt?" Answer "Romans!!"


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I hate them all.. They remind me of bored and wasted Sunday afternoons when I really should've been out doing skids on my Grifter.

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I used to find them vaguely entertaining as a youth, mainly because of the liberal use of large-breasted women in their underwear I guess.

Any faint sense of amusement I may have once felt is gone however, since I've seen various documentaries detailing how miserable, underpaid and exploited the cast were, which kind of spoils the joke.

Thesedays, they just look anachronistic, misogynistic and wildly unfunny.



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My 10 & 7 year old girls love them all! Alot of the double ententres go right over their heads but they don't seem to notice, and I'd far rather they watched them than Corrie, East Enders or any other depressing modern crap. They must have watched Carry on Abroad 6 times last week! The scary thing is what other parents let their children watch. Lots of kids in my 10 year olds class watch Shameless, which is apparently pretty adult stuff. No wonder kids grow up screwed up.
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