What's your OCD


I've got loads.

All my hangers have to face the same way with the shirts all facing the same way.

Can't sleep in a room if the doors are not all closed

Can't wear a shirt if I've not ironed the way I like

Can't sit in the middle of a couch. Need to sit on the floor. Can't have 2 people either side.

Can't sleep on the left hand side of a bed

That's just for starters!!


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Fussy bugger. I feel for Mrs Greedo :biggrin:

One of mine is having the toilet roll hanging over the front of the roll.

Can't think of any at the moment due to being half cut!


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rusky said:
Fussy bugger. I feel for Mrs Greedo :smile:

So do I, one of my other halfs is that he can't make hot drinks in cups that don't match. He also works a 'canban' (don't even know how you spell it) system so we never run out of things like toothpaste, washing up liquid and tomato puree.

I neglected to buy washing up liquid once and he had to go over his mum's to get some.

It was 11 o'clock and we had no washing up to do :biggrin:


How long have you got? :blush:

Everything on hangers have to be facing the same way.
Only one item per hanger unless it's polo shirts.
Trousers on trouser hangers.
Socks rolled together.
Brushes to clean black shoes, cloths for brown shoes.
Can't sit in a room with the door closed unless I'm the one who closes it.
Can't sleep on the right side of bed.
Can't sleep unless my feet are sticking out of the duvet.
Volume control on any appliance must be on an even number, unless it's 15 which is okay and better than 14 which is not good. In fact any volume control with 4 has to be bumped up to the nearest 5 as any 4 is bad.
If you are more than 10 minutes late then you won't find me as I'll have buggered off. One second after and I'll be wandering off even if you have arrived...feel free to walk with me but don't expect me to want to do whatever we were meeting for.
Threads on cycling forums have to be in the right part of the forum. But everyone knows that :biggrin:
Left foot engaged first in cleats.
If I'm out the front on the bike I'll not have a clue if you are behind me as I switch off.

I'm starting to sound quite bonkers, but I'm not. :blush:

There's too many to list...


I always have to have the volume on any stereo/tv etc on an even number! Hated my BMW for the fact that it did not display numbers on the stereo, it just clicked, so had to keep turning it off and then counting even clicks.

Others include:
Not treading on 3 drains in a row (actually I tread on the first two and jump the last)

Don't ever tread on major cracks in pavements.

When getting out, I open my car door slightly with my hand then push it all the way with my foot.


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When I'm working in the ticket office, I have to have all the notes lined up in order with the Queen's head facing the right way, and my coins have to be all lined up in certain quantities and denominations.


When I cook rice it has to be on one of the back burners on the hob, even if it is the only thing that's on the cooker.


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Mine are-
Left sock/shoe on before right everytime.
Cannot stop the microwave or similar if timer is on an odd number,unless it's a 5 for some reason:blush:
When in car at night I always keep checking to make sure my lights are on.
Sure there's more but that'll make me sound weird enough for now:biggrin:
I like the cork to be removed from the bottle :biggrin:


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rusky said:
One of mine is having the toilet roll hanging over the front of the roll.

I totally get this one - I even move other people's rolls so that they are "right"!!

I have to set my alarm for an odd number, 6.37 for example rather than 6.35 or 6.40.

My daughter has to have the marker on the car radio volume knob lined up vertically, but then she has issues!!
Open front door, tap right pocket for keys, tap left for phone, reach back for door handle, pause look around, re-tap both pockets, close door, re-tap pockets, look briefly puzzled and then go.


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I'm the same with the volume knob being on an even number, i check the front/back door is locked at night 3 times before i go to work, the knives on the magnetic knife strip all have to be facing the same way, and going down in size from left to right.:biggrin:


One thing I don't do is bother about the doors being locked - I even leave keys in my car and the outside lock of the house. I reckon if anyone came in and found all the OCDedness going on in my place they'd be too scared to do anything :biggrin:
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