When you get christmas cards from your neighbours.


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We live in a small(ish) close of about 20 houses.
There are none we don't like but maybe 6 we converse with regularly.
Us 7 have posted christmas cards through the letter boxes for some 15 years. No problem, a nice touch.
Today I found one posted from a new(ish) couple further up the close. Can't recall saying more than a few words to them. But there it is, with our names on and their house number so we can place them.
Ignore it ??
Reciprocate ??
What ??


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Return the card and say sorry but we don't know you well enough ^_^

Or do as we would put a card through their door .
I am all in favour of social distancing, it stops absurd behaviour like this. Post it back through t’hole in door with a ruddy frank note dissuading them from this in the future


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Pop a card through the door !!


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I don’t send many cards these days.
Either ignore it or reciprocate.
Don’t send it back, that’s just weird.

I would probably reciprocate, it’s almost no outlay once you have a pack of cards.
The cost doesn't come into it.
Its more a case of starting something that you can never get out of. Its different with the closer neighbours as we speak regularly......its just that I can't recall ever speaking to this couple.
No probs.....I will post one back but wait a couple of weeks.


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I worked with a strange character many years ago.

He and his wife would give each other the same Christmas card every year which they kept in a drawer for over twenty years.

They also asked a couple of us around for drinks once, what did we get offered you might ask...............tap water. Weirdos.
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