Where does your dog / cat sleep at night?


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Molly stays in bed with us for 10/15 minutes first , then, reluctantly goes to her own bed by the side of our bed, for the night. She comes back with us in the morning.
Rusty ( the cat) , is very much an outdoor cat and rarely comes in the house. He has a bed and access to the cellar if he wants to.
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They (two cats) are notionate, could be any bed or soft area in the house, usually together


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Our cats are gone now (actually their ashes are in boxes under the stairs) but when they were alive we used to shut them into the utility room overnight, which had a bed, food, water etc plus a cat flap. If they had run of the house they would claw the furniture (not excessively, but only once is enough to ruin it) and vomit on soft furnishings. During the day they had the run of the main living area downstairs which is all hard floors but did not use any carpeted zones (mostly upstairs).

As younger cats they did sleep with us but we got tired of washing duvets and cleaning carpets.


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My partners dogs always used to sleep in the kitchen, until one of them died, now the other one sleeps in our bedroom on the floor (in his dog bed). As soon as he hears that we're awake, he jumps up and will stay there until we go downstairs.


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Love dogs but they are far from clean creatures - no way was our (sadly long gone) dog allowed on ours. Yuk!

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The dog sleeps in his crate in the bedroom at night. He's too big to be on the bed.
The cat wakes up at night but he does have a cat tower with beds in the kitchen. He wakes me up for breakfast at some random hour of the night just because he can.


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Ours has been sleeping with me in my bed for the last year, before that it was Mrs GM's bed. Nice and warm in the winter, but these warm nights he sleeps on top of the duvet...

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We often shut all four in the kitchen, although they have been doing 'less' zoomies (all under 4 years old). Usually they sleep on the end of someone's bed, on the floor at the foot of the bed, the landing, or sofa down stairs. Unfortunately, it's usually Simba the big male 'white' Ragdoll or Kyoto the 'white' female Ragdoll that remind me they want feeding at 4-5am every day. They both walk round the bed and tap the units on my side, then walk round the other side, and tap the unit on my wife's side, and repeat until we get up. Kyoto will come and stand on you until you get up. Luna the female Ragdoll is very well behaved, as is Leo the ginger ninja. The white ones are buggers.

They aren't allowed in the bed or the pillows etc. If on the bed, they sleep near our feet.

If they start doing zoomies, then it's kitchen, as two cats at full pelt across the bed chasing each other isn't fun for us.


Pets in your bed :wacko: how disgusting - you filthy humans.

Mine have couple of cushions and cardboard boxes with towels in they can kip in, tucked away in a couple of corners around the house. bedrooms are all out of bounds. When i had a dog it was crate trained , which made taking it on holiday etc far easier.


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Dog in crate / pen in the kitchen - the cat has free run of the kitchen and my office, but to be honest spends most of the night outside. The dog is not allowed upstairs at all, the cat will spend daytime in the winter snoozing upstairs on my daughters bed.


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Dogs in human beds? xx(
Another dog lover here, and always had them as family pets in my youth, but they were NEVER allowed in our beds.
These days I don't have any pets, I live on my own and it wouldn't work having a dog and me being out of the house for extended periods.
Ex partner, she had a lovely big labradoodle who slept on the floor in the bedroom. I was fine with that, but no way was he getting in the bed. He was too big, apart from anything else. Have to say that if/when someone new comes along, it'll be me OR the dog, not both! It's just one (ok, another 😄) of these things I don't agree with.
As for cats, I'm allergic to them, so a definite non starter :ohmy:.
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