Which animal can't walk backwards?

What animal can't walk backwards?

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I said Kangaroo on no greater basis than guessing.
I think that tail and the shape of their hind legs could make reversing awkward at least.


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A Pushmepullyou.


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Dave5N said:
That's not an option.

Or did you mean me? :sad:
Oops - I didn't notice that it was a poll B). I'm sure that you are not a snake, but I thought it might be a trick question. If an animal can't walk forwards, because it doesn't have legs, then it certainly can't walk backwards!


I went for Kangaroo,because the others have four legs,and i think thay would have no problems.


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I said kangaroo, because there tail would be the wrong size for balance. And they dont walk do they, i thought they jumped/bounced everywhere.


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I do not think it is a kangeroo. They "box" each other, and if you are boxing and cannot reverse, you are in big trouble.

I think it is the brown bear that cannot walk backwards. (Due to its weight, low centre of gravity etc, but I cannot explain it scientificologically.)

Elephants should be able to go backwards, otherwise if they take a drink from a river or lake, how would they move, if not backwards.

Polecats, I think, are very agile. So walking backwards is a piece of cake (as it were) for them. Perhaps it is a trick question. None of them walk, do they preambulate? :eek:
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