Which bike for a petite woman?


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Hi everyone,

I am looking to buy a new bike.
I am going to bike from Moseley to New Street station everyday (about 6 miles). I have been doing it for over 2 years with an old Decathlon bike that is getting quite tired. I am looking for a new bike to be able to keep my old bike just in case (like when I discovered a flat tyre Monday morning, not happy).
I have a budget of 350 pounds max. Do you think I would be able to find a good and sturdy bike for this amount?
I saw some online, but I am not really sure which brands are good or not (I am not even from England so it makes it even trickier).
Would you be able to let me know it any of those look like good deals:
As I will only be commuting and using it around the city, I don't think I need anything able to do off tracks or something like that. Should I avoid bike with suspensions as I guess it makes them heavier? How about breaks, I can deal with normal v-breaks and I managed to change pads and stuff on my old bike, but I don't know about disc brakes. Are they really better? Don't they make the bike heavier and harder/more expensive to maintain?
I don't really care about looks, as long as it is not pink. And being quite small (1m58) I would obviously need to look for an S or XS model.

All your advises would be more than welcomed.
Thanks in advance :smile:



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I'm not a commuter but it would seem to me that 'simple is best' for a bike used like that, it's also lightest and probably cheapest. So if it was me I'd be avoiding disc brakes and suspension, which at your price point would be heavy and probably the very bottom end of the market quality-wise.

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Hi Marion, and welcome!
I'm 1.60 with shoes on ^_^ commute 5 miles (not too hilly) each way.
My most comfortable and reliable bike is a simple 5 speed steel ladies frame with V-brakes, mudguards, back pannier rack.
Don't know if you can get them new, got mine in a lbs reconditioned.
The frame of this bike is not small, not sure of the exact size, but it's near to my hybrid, a medium.
You could also try a "teenager" size. I ride one sometimes with no problems - got very short legs :laugh:
It is best not to buy your bike on line, try to test ride a few first.
Good luck!
I reckon you're making a good choice to avoid suspension and the like. My advice would be to get to a bike shop and try a couple out before parting with your cash. Nothing beats a test ride, cheers and good luck...
A suspension fork - even a cheap one - does provide a comfier ride, which you will probably appreciate on a commute.

But they are heavier.

I suggest you ride your old bike to the shop so you can compare weights.

If you buy a bike which is not significantly heavier than your old one you are unlikely to be disappointed.

Disc brakes won't stop you any better, but they require less maintenance - a set of pads could last you years.

Also a disc won't rub if a wheel is slightly out of true.

As a regular commuter you are already an experienced cyclist, so try a bike or two and trust your instinct.


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Definitely no suspension; it's unnecessary weight and complication. Disc brakes are a god idea for a commuter.
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