Which of the supernatural mechanical problem entities have visited you today?

This morning I discovered that the axle cone gnome had snuck in overnight, and undone the rear wheel cones on my Cross trail:ohmy:. The little barsteward also made off with my 15 inch cone spanner, he left all the others, just not one of the two I actually needed. Ah well, it gave me an excuse to use the roadie today:becool:.


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Similar but in a way not...
Jumped on the good bike for my commute maybe 4 years ago.....got 500 yards down the road....flat tyre :angry:
Scurried back home, chucked it in the shed, got the winter commuter out. Rode 50 yards ...seatpost was slipping :angry:..(it'd been laid up for a while. i'd probably done some work on it and not finished, then forgot)...couldn't find my allen keys :angry:, chucked it in the shed and got my hybrid out.
Jumped on that....and got to work :wahhey:

3 bikes to get to work. I always told the wife...I NEED those bikes, here was the proof :okay:


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Sunday i got the nice bike out for the 1st time since November and the front mech has seized solid and by the time i gave up it was to lat to get the commuter decluttered , mind you the rear mech on that is a bit dodgy and ist developed a creak when doing out of the saddle efforts .


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I keep the Gremlins away by throwing them cocktail sausages and telling them to jump on my buddy's bike. Mind you, I'm always the one who ends up fixing it for him.


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Quite a collection
Cone Gnome, Seat Post Sylph, Allen Key Elf, Mech Monster and Jockey Goblins.

My last visit was the Bottom Bracket Bogie.


Some goblin has turned my front wheel the wrong way round,the tyre tread is pointing backwards.


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Chain snapped on my fixed gear a couple of days ago, on a hill whilst standing on the pedals. Managed to stay upright and unclip in time!!
The re-puncture fairy. I fixed the first one, removed the thorn, checked the tyre, fixed it and went back and found it flat again. Subsequent investigation revealed I'd removed a thorn which had not punctured the tube and missed the dirty big one which went back through my patch. I've now patched the patch and no I couldn't remove the original patch. I shall never doubt the glueless patches again, they stick like limpets.


Ive had the cleat screw prob too, I carry a spare cleat and screws with my chain link and multi tool now.
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