Who are your most favourite or least favourite TV Chefs?


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There are so many TV chefs nowadays and I quite like to try out recipes by Rick Stein and Jamie Oliver, both very different of each other.

Nigella Lawson is another of my favourites but i don't wish to elaborate on that ^_^

Keith Floyd was another chef that I used to enjoy watching.

Heston Blumenthal, Gordon Ramsey or Gary Rhodes are my least favourites, meaning if they are on telly I change the channel ^_^


Keith Floyd was a hoot! :thumbsup:
Fed up with the rest of them. All of them past their sell by date!


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hairy bikers! their mums know best series was ace and the bakeation was fantastic. got all the books and the recipies are brill the kids love em too.
least fave is blumenthal, tbh i hate any chef that does that pretentious food stuff. food so up itself it'd give you gas from looking at it whilst running up your credit card bill.


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I'm a bit of a Jamie Oliver fan. (Waits for derision to die down a bit....). His recipes are straightforward, he's enthusiastic, and the food at his restaurants is good without being fussy. Aynsley whatnot is personable and enthusiastic both, so he gets my vote.​
Nigella Lawson just reminds me that we're all dying slowly and that fat Yorkshire geezer can't cook.​


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Rhodes gives me the heebee-jeebees, the way he fondles the food he's putting on the plate. Floyd was the best, I'll happily watch reruns of his stuff.

And surely Fanny Craddock deserves a mention, if only to have another excuse to recall that legendary comment to camera by Frank Bough after one of her cooking demonstrations:
"..and I hope that all your doughnuts turn out like Fanny's."



Floyd was the best, I'll happily watch reruns of his stuff.
Keith Floyd for me, too. I can't be doing with food where the artistry is all in the arrangement on the plate - it's there to be eaten, not whistled at, and KF still shows that it's all about honest ingredients and cooking skill. Remember his 'Spanish omelette in a hub cap' for a group of Andalusian truckers?
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