Who here pays VED?

Who here pays VED?

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South Norfolk
As the title suggests, who directly (or indirectly through a family member) pays VED for a car they drive?

Having read the Look East thread, nobody has mentioned that cyclists also pay VED if they own a car...of course it's pointless arguing this with the motons, but it annoys me when the issue is raised.

Not clued up on where company cars would fit into all this.

rich p

ridiculous old lush

Smokin Joe

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Delftse Post said:

Get off the road then :laugh:


Over The Hill said:
I really cannot see the point of going down this path. VED is a tax on car ownership. How and why are you relating this to the use of a cycle?

I think it's just a genuine question from Will, that's all. Doesn't look like he's trying to start a row to me.


It was a no from me btw, too cheap to run a car. Have been thinking about a 125 or something though.


Somerset UK
Yes, but more importantly I pay council tax which pays for local roads, and income tax and VAT among others which pay for trunk roads.

Bring back road tax, and apply it by vehicle axle weight - according to wear and damage.

Make it pay for the full cost of operating, maintaining and building roads.

Give a discount to commercial vehicles according to social usefulness.
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