Who's from the old C+ site??

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[quote name='yenrod]I am, so is bigfattallbloke, Flying Monkey, Patrick Stevens, Arch, alexstlyieyedye (spell?) redcogs, eurostar - doesnt know which station he's at yet as far as I understand here or gaydar (bike radar), chuffy is here too - from the early days of C+. [b']Not sure on Ravenbait though...[/b][/quote]

I see her on the memberlist.


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yeah, but <grumble>. It's not in my nature to bugger off and leave them to it, every person who posts on a forum has an 'investment' in it as well as the 'owners'... we're the people who made it what it is, was.

Then I thought 'if they wanted to piss us off they've done about the 10 best things most likely to annoy', starting with NOT LISTENING TO REASONED RESPONSES.

So here I am, but muddled and annoyed. & feeling mean spirited.


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I am too, although I admittedly was a bit of a noob. I am slightly annoyed by the new mods, Cycling+ had a very restrained moderation team, which is aways great in a forum; unleashing a team of new and unknown moderation team, all of whom seem fairly heavy handed, isn't great.
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