Who's from the old C+ site??

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Having been a lurker on C+ (but enjoyed it) i had just made the decision to join in when it went...

Might stick my hea above the parapet here occassionaly.

Anyone got a view on RLJing, i hear its good for the soul.

And apparently not wearing a helmet makes you extraordinarily attractive to the opposite sex.

And London is the cycling, and everything,capital of the world.

See, i did learn something when i "lurked".


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Hi, I have been hit by the cycling bug for a year now and just love it. I am no spring chicken (47 :?: ). I ride a Dawes Galaxy both as a commuter and to just get out for rides on.
I too was a lurker in C+ for about a year, I enjoyed it a lot and picked up lots of tips, and plenty of good advice to be had. I especially enjoyed the spirit of the C+ forum, there was a sense of cameradery and fun about the place.
I did give the new bikeradar forum a try and I do tend to agree with a lot of you guys (and girls) on the issues regarding the other place.
I did tryout this forum some months ago but quickly became bored with the lack of activity, I being as guilty for not posting.
So I will look on this forum with renewed interest as a lot of familier names seem to be moving over.
good luck all.


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I'm from C+, i didnt post much on there though. Also on the newer site. The new site doesnt bother me, but its a tad too big. The old C+ forum was alot better, it should have been kept the same. I got the link from someones signiture.



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I'm here too. Tried to be grown up about the changes and BikeRadar but I'm only 5"1, the site's too big for me...and then I found this site... it's like being home again!!



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Me too. Registered at C+, shortly before its demise, after a year or so of lurking and learning. One ever-so-snooty response from NickLouse to a perfectly innocent question at Bike Radar was enough to send me scarpering over here!

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