Who's in the wrong?

Discussion in 'Advocacy and Cycling Safety' started by Accy cyclist, 19 Feb 2018.

  1. Jody

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    Easiest way to sum up these and other DM articles of this ilk is they are 50/50 clickbait that get people revved up and arguing. Both are at fault in some way but ultimately the fault (in insurance terms) lies with the driver who crossed the lane.
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  2. winjim

    winjim A youth of interminable age

    Each failed to mitigate the other's mistake. And the bike lane's rubbish.
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  3. glasgowcyclist

    glasgowcyclist Bang on!

    Link here for non-DM users: https://swd.media/ireland/moment-cyclist-wiped-police-officer-turns-car-station-1-12288/

    I take the same view as the driver who filmed the incident:
    "My take on the accident is that a vehicle wishing to cross a traffic lane, must give way to all traffic in that lane.
    So if a vehicle wishes to cross a cycle lane, they must yield to all bicycles in that lane and wait for the lane to be clear before crossing.”
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  4. You cannot shout out "It was my right of way" when they are hammering the nails into your coffin.

    The cyclist should have at least seen it coming and reacted.
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  5. meta lon

    meta lon Guru

    Cyclist not paying attention, observation error.
    Car driver not paying attention,checking mirror

    Both at fault, tho the car driver should be more to blame simply as he was changing direction
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  6. classic33

    classic33 Legendary Member

    Dublin, cycle lane use is mandatory, in parts.

    But, as over here you're approaching an Emergency Facility(fire/ambulance station) you'd expect that there may be sudden traffic from the left.


    Internal link added.
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  7. Duffy

    Duffy Active Member

    I'm of an opinion that there's blame on both sides here.
    From the whole, practical wanting to stay alive thing however, undertaking (at speed) any vehicle in front of you that's clearly indicating to go left is a good start on the darwinian self selection process.......
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  8. classic33

    classic33 Legendary Member

    A view of where the cars had stopped, and possibly why. Traffic lights at a junction.

    The piece about the bobble cap as mentioned earlier now makes sense.
  9. glasgowcyclist

    glasgowcyclist Bang on!

    The indicator can be seen only once the Toyota driver begins his manoeuvre to cut off the cyclist's path. It's an assumption that it was on prior to that, as I frequently observe drivers who only connect with the indicator stalk as their hand passes it while already starting the turn.

    Toyota driver begins his turn across the lane just 2 seconds before impact so cyclist would already be very close and there to be seen.
  10. bpsmith

    bpsmith Veteran

    Except we don’t know that as can’t see the drivers view and the footage has a very narrow view. You might be correct, or the cyclist may have appeared from around a bend or from another street. Impossible to say.
  11. classic33

    classic33 Legendary Member

    Street is fairly straight, with parking just before the point of impact, on the left-hand side. See above post with picture of the road.
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  12. bpsmith

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    Yup. That pic changes everything in that respect. We didn’t know this when I posted.
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  13. It's the drivers fault. He's changed/ crossed a lane without looking. However as has been mentioned several times, I doubt if the cyclist is hurting any less because of it.
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  14. classic33

    classic33 Legendary Member

    But its use is mandatory.
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  15. classic33

    classic33 Legendary Member

    2008 Toyota Corolla NG 1.4 Terra CBU
    4 Door Saloon
    FUEL TYPE Petrol
    COLOUR Blue ?

    Plate could do with a clean though.

    08 MO 1430
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