Why are so many LBS like this?

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Can I start off by saying that I fully support good, local, independent retailers ^_^


Why do so many seem to be money-grubbing, indolent, rude, off-putting and quite frankly, a waste of time?

So many appear to totally lose interest once they learn you already have a bike and are only in for a browse to see if there are any appealing gee-gaws or bargains.

I'm particularly annoyed today cos I've just been fiddled by one. I was going to insure my bike against theft, but I noticed I needed a lock from a quite large list and my current lock wasn't on it. So I took a trip to my LBS.

"Hello. I'm looking for a good lock that will satisfy an insurance company" says I

I was first shown a Kryptonite shackle lock that weighed as much as my bike and which cost £89. Seeing the look of disbelief on my face, the guy quickly picked up another Kryptonite lock and said "This will do you and should be acceptable for the insurance". At £34.99 I thought it was reasonable (given the price of the others) so I bought it.

Once I got it home, I compared it against the insurance company's list - no joy. Further investigation revealed the following on the packaging - "Compact, secondary deterrent" - in small letters of course. To add insult to injury, £34.99 is the very top price I found for the lock online, with most prices being around £20.

Is it any wonder small shops like this one sit empty most days?

....and breathe :angry:


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Take it back for a refund. I buy everything online, I cant afford to support a LBS and their mostly silly (compared to internet) prices. :sad:

I was close to buying rechargable batteries for my bike lights in Waitrose earlier, £12.50 for 4 AAAs, had a quick look on Amazon on my phone exact same ones for £5.60 from a company ive used before.


I agree,

I got my bike from one of my LBS, a good deal for it and so I decided to go back to get a couple bits more. As I walk in I am welcomed (or not for that matter) by a very grumpy looking guy at the counter.
I then pick up my bits and bobs and take them to the counter, with the most conversation being how much it will all cost... and like you, I could of got each item about £20 less online.

I do like one of the LBS' here, as they welcome you as you walk in and they shall talk to you if you are unsure, and are reasonably priced... but otherwise I agree, very expensive and not an enjoyable experience.
Well... If there was a list from the insurer, why not take it with you when shopping?

If we all buy everything from the Internet, one day there will be few (or no) LBSs. That will not be a great day.

I buy small stuff from my LBS and on most bigger stuff I ask how close he can get to Wiggle or similar.

On tyres and lubes, he isn't close. I get them online.

When I have a tricky problem or a specific question... or need a part for an ancient bike... he is there. The Internet is not as obliging.

The Internet can't say "Bring it in and I'll see which one you need".

All retailers will pee us off sometimes, just as all spouses and children will.... But we need them.


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It Is important to realise that few if any local shops will be as cheap as buying online.

The trick is to accept this, but make sure you only pay a bit more for the convenience.

We should support all local shops so they are there when we need them. I will often go in armed with UK supplied online prices and ask if they can get near it. If I am happy with the difference then I purchase.


I go in my LBS when I want cheering up, as the bullshit they come out with always make me laugh :smile:

Strangley their online shop is usually cheaper than the actual shop


I'd be returning it too.
I was in a not very local bike shop recently and mentioned I was looking for lights -I was very specific about what I wanted them for, and the guy was really attentive (or atleast gave that impression) They're always really friendly which is why we go in when we're passing as it's quite a few miles away. Anyway, I ended up buying the lights he recommended, got home, studied the packaging and realised they didn't fulfil legal requirements grrr. Too far to take them back, so I've stuck them on the bike anyway.
I guess in a lot of bike shops staff get fed up discussing products with "customers" who then go away and buy elsewhere online.


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My LBS is called Halfords - never anything but good service, prices checked online before I go and never had an issue with refunds when needed.
The 5 small independent bike shops within 10 miles of me are overpriced, pretentious and mostly very unhelpful.

So, guess where I shop?


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My LBS is called Halfords - never anything but good service, prices checked online before I go and never had an issue with refunds when needed.
The 5 small independent bike shops within 10 miles of me are overpriced, pretentious and mostly very unhelpful.

So, guess where I shop?
I don't mind them being over priced (compared to online prices) as their over heads are much greater... but I completely agree on pretentious and unhelpful (not always, but often).

Has anybody done a bike shop version of this classic?



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Really lucky in this area. Excellent small bike shop in Perth that has been around for years and really know their stuff. My good road bike was delivered to me supposed to have been assembled and checked. Turned out it was as it came from the factory. Cables and everything needed fitting. Felt a bit bad taking it to the bike shop but I bought it on finance which they didn't offer anyway so not as bad. Anyway, they assembled and checked the bike for £30 which I thought was excellent.

Another good one is Rock n Road in Bridge of Allan which next door neighbour uses. Because he buys quite a bit from them they usually give him decent discounts.
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