why do people wear cycling caps under their helmets?

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I do a lot of cycling photography. Although I wear a helmet when I am riding point to point, when I am pedalling into frame in a photo I wear a cycling cap for the aesthetics. It just looks better. I keep a couple of caps, in different colours, in my camera bag. The hard thing is to find ones without a lot of obvious branding.


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I have tried caps but the peak forces me to raise my head a tiny bit more, which gives me neck-ache. So I stick with a buff, which does all the other jobs. In winter it keeps my head warm and in summer cool because a thin damp piece of cloth is a better evaporator than just skin. It prevents sweat from dripping and keeps my helmet fresh and keeps insects off my scalp.

But yes, for many cyclists a cycling helmet is a badge. Cycling helmets are different from baseball caps in that they are shaped to grip your head and the peak is much smaller. Oh and they don't have a button on top.


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Prevents 'helmet hair'

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