Why do you commute by bike?

Why do you commute by bike?

  • For the exercise

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  • It's better for the environment

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  • Can't afford to run a car

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  • I have a car but petrol prices are ridiculous

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  • I enjoy cycling

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  • Something else

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We all have our reasons for taking the bike, so I'm interested to know yours:
It's multiple choice, so feel free to tick all that apply :biggrin:

Me? My boss is very understanding and has allowed me to change my working hours to allow me to collect my daughter from school (my wife drops her off). This allows us to drastically cut childcare costs. But what's the point in cutting childcare costs just so that I can spend it on another car, insurance and petrol? So the bike and foot were the obvious options. The new bike and all the extras paid for itself within 2 months :sad:

I now find I quite enjoy the ride (wasn't keen at first) and the walk (still my preferred method if time allows) and really don't like to have to use the car when the wife is away as I absolutely hate the traffic congestion (even though it's tame compared to London).


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Delighted to see that I could vote for three options. Exercise is great, and takes no time out of my day, I am trying to save the planet (need some help, please?), and I also enjoy it. Can't make an absolute choice between the three as to which comes top.


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I do it because I enjoy cycling. I think it has to do with being born in the Pennines and not being allowed a bike by my parents as we lived on a 1 in 4 hill. Once I got my first bike at 18, I've been virtually glued to it ever since.

Also for the exercise, I find that now I'm in my 40s my normally sveldte body has a tendency to balloon if I don't cycle for a month or so and I don't want to have to buy new trousers.

I'm afraid I don't have any particular feelings for the planet, I work on the basis that it probably doesn't have any for me. :biggrin:


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I went for a fair few options too; good exercise (kept finding reasons not to do my running), petrol is stupid and im finding i actually quite enjoy it too!

The autumn/winter periods will probably also help to build my determination and will power so an extra benefit! :biggrin:


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It cost to much to take public transport.


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Well I did several choices...

for the exercise - I'm not good at doing exercise for exercise's sake),
for the environment - I've always felt we are too reliant on cars and even before I started cycling I refused to take my kids by car to school - despite someone 8 doors away doing that for years for their children's entire primary school life - despite leaving 15 minutes before me to get the prime spot next to the school.
for the enjoyment - once on the bike I normally love the experience... you feel alive
for the other option - I hate sitting in queues of stationary traffic going nowhere.


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I found that walking and taking the bus took the same amount of time to get to work and the bus cost £4 a day. Bike scheme comes round and an expensive bike costs as much as the bus but with the added benefits of excercise and owning a means of transport (although I wont park my bike outside!)

The saving emmisions thing didn't really bother me but I have come to realise that it's really no effort to ride the bike so we might as well reduce emmisions - it doesn't really cost anything (wow it's like manners:laugh:)


I voted all of them :tongue:

For the exercise I’m fitter than most of my friends and colleagues and I have to mitigate the eating, drinking and smoking somehow.
It's better for the environment I agree but that’s a whole other thread.
Can't afford to run a car I might if I really wanted to, but I don’t. I have better things to spend my money on.
I have a car but petrol prices are ridiculous Especially when I could cycle anywhere I really need to go.
I enjoy cycling I do.
Something else Freedom, time to myself, the ability to ride almost anywhere… The list goes on! :blush:


1. Love cycling (got back into it after approx 15 years out of it-use to ride in a club).

2. Good exercise and an efficient way of exercising (means I don't have to spend an additional hour or so in the gym 3 times a week).

3. It's cheap so saves me about £80 per month (probably £60 once you take into account clothing, replacement bike parts,bike depreciation).
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