wiggle or chain reaction?

crc or wiggle?

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I've always pretty much shopped equally as much on wiggle and crc. But increasingly I'm finding wiggle to be more poorly stocked - i.e. there's some items it just doesn't have. Almost to the point where if I want something, I just go to crc and don't bother even checking wiggle.
example. big ring protector - wiggle don't sell them, they haven't got ANY blackspire products. Got one off CRC, it was delivered this morning.
five ten shoes. wiggle don't sell them, chainreaction do.

I've got a £5 voucher for wiggle when I spend over £25 but I can't think of £25 worth of stuff I want from wiggle, as the one thing i want (five ten shoes) they don't sell.


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I use them both pretty evenly but leaning towards Wiggle more recently. I hate their spend £50 and get 10% off deal though, as it always tempts me into buying way more than I originally wanted!:thumbsup:


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Its odd how your opinion changes. Years back I swore I'd never use CRC again after an especially awful wheel-build. I used to be very loyal to Wiggle (and they are good) but the combination of them discontinuing a few items I liked and a few bad delivery experiences has increasingly sent me over to CRC. I know delivery isn't directly the fault of Wiggle, but ultimately its part of the customer experience so it has to be a factor.

I like the fact that CRC will just phone me up if I mis-type my credit card number, or if the stock isn't there when they pick. You can easily get them on the phone too. I still buy a lot of clothes from Wiggle, but it tends to be CRC for bike parts - their spokes are pretty good value too (I just don't rate their hand-built wheels).


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Had a bad experience with wiggles courier Business post - then awful experience with wiggle customer service and havent bought anything from them since. CRC are good tho, stuff always seems to arrive quickly, never had a problem so can't comment on customer service.


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I used CRC for the first time this week and was very impressed with the speed of delivery. Having said that I also used Wiggle this week and couldn't fault them either. Wiggle's choice is a bit limited I feel but will continue to look at their site first as I'm so familiar with it.


if anybody wants anything from wiggle I've got a voucher for £5 but it's only if you spend over £25. i've also got a 5% 'loyal customer discount' so you can have 5% plus £2.50 off. You'd have to pay for postage from me to you or send me an sae / or know whether they will ship to multiple addresses.
I only want one thing and that's seven quid. I refuse to waste money on crap i don't want just to get the discount, this is the exact trick they want me to fall for. (and before you ask yes I have tried inputting the code anyway but their server side validation knows about the £25 minimum.)

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ANYONE can get a £5 voucher just by registering on wiggle for their newsletter. it will give you a code. You have to spend over 50 pounds though :thumbsup:
I have massive problems with the Carrier for Wiggle.

This last time:

Monday - note through door saying once only delivery so I now have t make a fifteen mile trip to pick up.

Phone carrier and arrange to pick up on Tuesday

Having arranged pickup - get to Depot to fnd that despite all this the package has been sent out again - so a wasted journey.

Rearrange for Friday, and get home to find that another attempt has been made to deliver, despite all arrangements not to.

Friday - arrive at depot to find that as 5 working days have passed it has been returned to Wiggle!

Except it hadn't, that was an error, and I was able to pick it up.

As long as Wiggle use this carrier - I won't use Wiggle!


every time I order from wiggle (it always seems to be over £25 :thumbsup:) I unsubscribe then sunscribe again so I always get £5 off. :?:

I have just placed an order with wiggle and saved 37% off RRP :thumbsup::biggrin:


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psmiffy said:
who r crc


I've used and had good service from both, though only for things I can't get locally and some irresistible sale bargains. CRC are far more MTB orinted, while wiggle have a good mix. The only difference I've found in service is the returns policy*, CRC charge you £3.50 for handling/postage, Wiggle don't charge anything. So if they both have something at the same price I'd choose Wiggle.

*When you're returning because it's not suitable, as in when my idea of XL doesn't coincide with a manufacturers:blush:
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