Will these make me go faster....


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I'm in the market for some jockey wheels for the commuting bike as the current ones are now sharp enough to draw blood.

I came across these. What I want to know is, for £120, will I go noticeably quicker?


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NO, simple answer, no deff not, long complex answer, but hey if u want them ,have the money ect why not?


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On the plus side, consider the longevity: "These pulleys should outlive your bike, provided your chain is cleaned and replaced when it should, before the stretched gritty chain wears down the pulleys."

In that way, they're just like my tyres, which will outlive the bike, provided the road is replaced before the surface wears down the tread.


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I finish all my training loops with a lap of Silverstone, with my tyres up to temp I can pick up enough spent rubber a la F1 cars before final weigh in to replenish any wear to my tyres. I've had these same Vittorias going since 1997 with my method.


I have handled a pair of those - wonderful bit of kit and they quieten the drivetrain down to a deadly hush.

If you have the money - get em.
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