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I left a few minutes later this morning and for the first time in a long time, I actually missed the sun coming out :ohmy: Was actually very satisfying and the skies above were more or less vanilla. I was very happy. It's coming :smile:


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I don't really mind the short days, riding at night can be somewhat therapeutic I find. I live in England so I don't get to see any beautiful mountaintops round my area, but we do have a great beach-front here in Brighton. Still looking forward to the summer though!


I was just thinking that myself - a friend and I stopped off there on our way up to Oban in September!

I reckon it was HERE.
Yep, that's the spot I was thinking of , just past Ben Ledi , there is a cycle track on the other side of the loch as well but maybe not suitable for touring , I did it on 28s tyres unloaded apart from my 15 stone , it takes you to the grave of Rob Roy then north to Lochearnhead , good off-road route :thumbsup:


im lucky,if i ride about 3 mile i hit the forth&clyde canal,and from there you can go coast to coast,with no cars to bother you,or travel north from kirkintiloch up the crow rd and through the trossachs,,to callander and beyond,the central belt is a great area for cycling,i just wonder why more people dont do it,mind you theres a massiff country park here,some doggers might know it,(palace rigg) but i walk my dog up there every day and never see a soul,no wonder glasgows got such a bad health record,musent grumble
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