Woman Who Stops Traffic


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no - don't watch telly


Cycling in Scotland
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I was surprised that she achieved such a positive result, apparently there is more to come next week...


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The wummin did well:smile:
I can't understand why anyone would want to live in Marlow, the weather was always dreadful according to the residents although it looked ok in the film.


snorri said:
No, and actually she did not need her lollipop to stop the traffic, her low cut top did it quite effectively.:thumbsup::biggrin:

I saw a peachy rear-ender like that.

Gorgeous blonde walking along the pavement, distracted PO Van driver, SMASH.


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A classic.
I cycled smack into the back of a bus in Oxford St. one hot summer day doing the exact same thing, and she never even knew I existed, *sniff*.



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The one thing it didn't report back on was ... what happened after ... does anyone live near Marlow?

I thought the woman who changed from being no way am I letting my kids out in that rain etc to actually it took 10 mins by car, 8 by foot, and 7 by bike hopefully will make some people think.

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One interesting comment that kept coming up, was the motorists blaming the 'traffic' for the congestion. And as she pointed, out they where also traffic, and therefore also the problem.
Next week should be a good one with a very working class group to tackle.
They showed a clip with some old guy ranting on to her saying" I've worked all my life to get that car, and I am not going to be told what to do ,by some toffee nosed twit"


Re; weather in Marlow. My sister in law used to spend her summers there as a child and said it was glorious. Mind you, we all look back through rose tinted specs I suppose.


I liked the business owner soo forward and his workforce came across like a wetblanket...

The cuntservative councillor - what a dick !

The rep from the local British Chambers of Commerce, who walked out..what another jerk...


1 of the mothers - I did spy a l.pool accent: no wonder she was so verbal in the school meeting :angry:
I saw about half of it (switched off as she was a bit annoying).

Traffic will sort itself out. You will take the car if it is easier, find another way if it is not. That is all that happens. When traffic gets too slow you will find another way to travel or change your lifestyle to cut out the travel.

We do not live in a nice enough world for people to give up something for the sake of others.

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I watched it and found it fascinating (although some of the "made for TV" moments irritated me). Social conformism is SUCH a strong pressure.

I would be more interested to see whether any sustainable change has taken place. Has there been a permanent reduction in car journeys in Marlow? Are the traders getting less or more business? Are GPs reporting less obesity, blood pressure etc.? And so on.

Did anyone else fancy Alex Allen? With her cute Canadian accent and lovely long brown hair?
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