Wots yer IQ?

Following on from Bettys' post. And we all know that achieving a good grade in an IQ test proves nothing but an ability to do well in IQ test...

Last time I looked; 136.


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wot is IQ?


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Last time I was tested it was 83, which admittedly isn't that high, but it has never been proved that IQ is a measure of intelligence, so I'm not bothered.


Bigtallfatbloke said:
ugh...oh right..so is a bank?

No i was trying to be funny,:blush:Its actualy a measured way of testing how bright you may be,by answering a series of questions,and solving some puzzles too,the higher your score ,the brighter you are?


sigh ;)

betty swollocks

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Dunno. I know my Mum's a member of Mensa.
I'd probably qualify for the other lot: y'know, the organisation for thickos - Densa.


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I did a Mensa test and got invited to go to their next level one. I couldn't be bothered.

They said it was 148 or 149 at the time. I suspect it was a bit of a marketing ploy.

Too true mate, apparently they stick on about 30 points. I only found out because it pushed my score off the scale.
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