wow what great service

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I have had my sigma cycle computer for a year now and some how the battery cover at the back broke. My hubby email sigma to ask if there is anyway we could buy a spare battery cover. They replied very quickly to say that the would be happy to post one out to us FOC. It only took a couple of days for it to arrive in the the post.

Well happy with the service top company to deal with :biggrin: now I can continue to record my miles :biggrin:


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Camelback are great to deal with too. Having had no luck communicating with the UK distributers, I contacted Camelback directly about a replacement O ring seal for the drinks bladder and got one sent FOC from America.


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SKS are like that as well, I lost some of the plastic end caps that cover up the sharp ends on the mudguard support rods, I emailed them direct and they asked me to email them a picture of the mudguards then they sent me a complete set in the post free of charge.

I didnt even buy them new they were on my Galaxy when I bought it secondhand.
Some companies really don't know the meaning of customer relationships. In a market where customers have to opportunity to walk away from your services you need to cultivate a relationship that promotes loyalty. And that doesn't mean poxy little cards and voucher deals.

Nice to see some examples of people getting it right.
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