Wrist tendonitis


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Because I'm obviously not crocked enough with two knackered knees (one of which was operated on two weeks ago), I also have tendonitis in my left wrist (I'm right handed) which has the physio a little stumped.

Unlike most other types of issues that afflict hands, this is on the outside, pain mostly in the palm below the pinky (rather than thumb side like de Quervains, carpal tunnel and what not) :rolleyes: It's not coming from the elbow which had its dicky tendon repaired a couple of years ago (although my arm) and it hurts when I do the most mundane things - mostly where I haven't got much to grip, not got a proper grip or it's something soft - like a pillow, shaking out a duvet, washing and drying my hands, washing up, pulling on socks, pulling up trousers! I can make a fist ok, push my hands together but pulling my pinky finger up towards me hurts like $@%& :crazy:

I've had a couple of physio sessions, ultrasound, friction massage and today my hand was turned into an itchy, red (this is good apparently) porcupine! :B)

Next up possibly a specialist hand physio and then some sort of specialist doc (not sure what sort though)! :reading:

Has anyone else had anything similar - I doubt it's caused by cycling as I've barely cycled for months and it's gradually hurting more and more often :ninja:

Oh and to top it off I've got a really annoying tickly cough (which I think the physio gave me last week)!! :gun:
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Years ago, several of my fingers curled up.Though I actually went and saw a specialist that time, the fingers eventually righted themselves within about 12 months.

Looking back I vaguely suspect it was me using my hand, mallet like, to loosen a stuck bicycle seat.


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No curly fingers here. :biggrin:

Given my general crockedness, I am thinking a referral to a rheumatologist specialising in musculo-skeletal crockedness might be in order if it doesn't improve!
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