XP Pro or XP Home full edition, not OEM?

In a bit of a fix here and in need of advice...

Am setting up a modernish dual core (Win 7 preinstalled) computer as a gift for a relative and their favourite games, being a bit old, demand XP to run. They won't run under Win 7 (even in XP mode - it's a known issue with them), so am looking at creating a dual-boot with XP and the games on a second hard drive. Also, I want them to be able to use XP beyond the life of the current machine if needed, so the OEM version of XP won't do...

Anyone know where I can still buy the full XP Pro or XP Home from at reasonable cost?


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I'm not sure that it's still available.

You might have to invest some time in googling.
Mark_Robson said:
Check out ebay, there's quite a few listings, with prices upto £70. Some look dodgy but most look to be genuine.
My first thought too - but a lot of what's on there when you look at the descriptions is stuff removed from specific pcs, so likely to be manufacturer-branded OEM tied to specific models. I can't see anything that is definitely a full, non-OEM, MS version of XP. Must be loads of them out there - somewhere! ;)
rh100 said:
Amazon still have them listed.
Cheers for the suggestion - have had another look. Not 100% sure, but reading comments I think these are mainly OEM - I see one full 'used' Xp Pro is £189!! Also, one seller gets some neg feedback which is a bit scary.
Ok - just found out from the seller that the Ebay one is out because it accepts PayPal only and unfortunately as I'm a chequebook-wielding old fogie, that rules me out! ;)

Keep the suggestions coming please, guys!


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This stinks Microsoft have bought out windows 7 and it is "not fit for purpose" as it can’t use old software, if that’s the case there should be a warning saying so on the box/computer:angry:
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