Your A&E visits......funny or serious

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  1. And a few pictures...…….
    So true!!!


    Leave it to your imagination...……..

    What we often tell the "I've been here 45 minutes" (or time of your choice) complainers

    'Scouting Ahead'

    Try this one, it's rather amusing
    There's also a Bullshire Police page*F
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  2. Not really funny or serious, but in 1988(I have a good memory for years) I was actually working at a local hospital painting and decorating. While painting a ceiling with eggshell paint I got a big blob of the stuff in my eye. I made my way to the A&E dept' of the same hospital. A nurse got the paint out by using a cotton bud dipped in butter. For some reason the butter broke the paint down and made it stick to the cotton bud. Have any of you heard of this being done before?
  3. Tail End Charlie

    Tail End Charlie Guru

    Reminds me of John Wayne Bobbitt (the chap whose wife cut off his manhood and threw it out of the car window, (which was no less than he deserved)).
    During the subsequent trial, someone composed the "ballad of John Wayne Bobbitt" a sort of country and western, the only line from which I remember is when his wife addresses the judge as follows:-
    "Now John Wayne says I done him wrong, he says he was bereft,
    But Judge I tell you I took that thing
    And it was only petty theft!"
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  4. classic33

    classic33 Legendary Member

    Twice with a similar issue whilst being treated in the same A&E, six years apart.

    An adverse reaction to Lignocaine, stopped the heart. The first time, a foreign doctor finishing what I'd managed to start, fingernail removal. A feeling that something was wrong,
    me, "I'm going"
    him, "you no go..."
    The next thing I've him on top of me, sweat dripping off his face. And two nurses pulling something in, in a hurry on wheels through the door.

    Six years later, having slipped on ice and split the head open. I got myself to A&E via a taxi late at night. Taxi driver drove off with the change from a £20.

    The usual wait followed, meaning it was the early hours of the following morning when seen. Asked the nurse what was she using. "Something to numb...". I came to, in the corridor on the floor, with a pair of legs at my head and another doctor astride me sweating. And the head glued to the floor.

    They'd not checked allergies the second time. But it's an A&E and their records were seperate from the main records. Spent the rest of the morning in, under observation.
  5. Hicky

    Hicky Veteran

    A&E for a blob of paint in your eye? Seriously?
  6. Hicky

    Hicky Veteran

    Ms an A&E nurse, a month or so ago spent over an hour repeatedly chasing down a woman who stripped off every time she was left unattended....I hasten to add she helped her dress herself. No idea why and I didn’t ask as she can’t take about details. I thought it was very amusing...
  7. postman

    postman Legendary Member

    Meanwood ,Leeds
    So i had been out for a bike ride.My lunch that day was fish and chips plus a fish cake,plus a double Mars bar and a large bottle of cola.Next day in church i got sort of indigestion and chest pains.So bad i went to sit in prayer room.Well it got worse as the afternoon wore on.So after a phone call for advice i was taken to hospital.I was put on an observation ward.
    I was asked to put a little pill under my tongue then settle down for the night.As the pill slowly dissolved i began to feel lightheaded and woozy.Curtains had been pulled around my bed.I sat up sort of on one elbow and pulled the curtain back slightly to seek advice from the only Nurse.I remember saying to her i don't feel well.I then collapsed.
    The next thing i see is two porters top and bottom of the bed,the nurse a sister two doctors one asking Mr Mee can you spit the tablet out if there is any left.I was then rushed to an icu bed for two days.I had Pericarditis.I have no idea what the pill was,i suspect it was a blood pressure pill that did it's work too well.Not a funny story but the only time i have ever been worried about a hospital visit.
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  8. Crackle

    Crackle Squatter

    No, not seriously, it's another accanory, surprised anyone falls for this shoot.
  9. I don't know if it is now, but in those days eggshell paint was oil not water based. You do know that oil in the eye isn't something to be taken lightly don't you? What would you have done? Washed it out with a gallon of turps maybe.

    I said I had a blob of paint in my eye, not an axe buried in my head. These things happen.
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  10. raleighnut

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    On 3 Wheels
  11. Hicky

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    These things do happen and in my opinion A&E isn’t the place for this, The key to first aid is self aid primarily.
    Unfortunately the dept is littered with people who rockup with minor ailments then wonder why they wait so long when they’re not prioritised and kick up a fuss.
  12. Getting a blob of paint in the eye is an accidental thing. Therefore one must make one's way to the Accident and Emergency Department if the problem in not self treatable. There's a clue in the title Accident and Emergency. Seriously, how would someone be able to get oil based paint out of their eye safely? If it was water based you could flush it out with tap water maybe, but water doesn't shift oil. So please tell me how you would've got the paint out if it was your eye.
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    I think this is the sum of my A&E visits (all were cycling injuries):

    Halesowen cycle track - bounced off the perimeter fence, concussion
    West Bromwich railway station - bounced off a bus, concussion
    Cannock Chase MTB race - bounced off a tree, concussion
    Stafford front mudguard broke and locked the wheel - over the bars and bounced off the tarmac, concussion
    Stornoway Manor Roundabout diesel on road - bounced off the tarmac, concussion
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  14. DCBassman

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    That's a *lot* of concussion! Ouch!
  15. OP

    Dave7 Guru

    He was actually born concussed but occassionaly comes out of it.
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