Your A&E visits......funny or serious


One of my sons was doing a Diver/Paramedic course and the finale was to work in A&E on Friday and Saturday night in a well known hospital in Central Scotland. The staff were quite happy to have a few rufty tufty divers around and among other things they had the job of giving tetanus injections to the walking wounded. The Buckfast Warriors were pretty belligerent until the needle appeared when they often passed out from sheer terror. Obviously this is second hand and some of the other accounts are too gory to post.


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I reckon that most people never suffer from concussion in a lifetime!

I'm 63 and I think I had it just once, a few ago. I was connecting a washing machine up under a kitchen cupboard, which I forgot was there when I finished and stood up... :wacko:
Stood up! How tall are you?


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I always say that I used to be tall, but these days I am not...

I was this height in my mid-teens back in the 1970s and dwarfed 600+ other boys in my school. These days, I am only the average height of young men in the Netherlands, and it can't be far off that here too. Tall people like you, @si_c etc. now tower over me - it is most disconcerting! :laugh:


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One Saturday evening I was building a new logstore when I managed to chew up the end of my thumb quite badly with a chopsaw. Lots of blood and bits of bone. Mrs H drove to me to the local hospital with a tea towel covering the offending digit, booked in and sat down to wait my turn. Just after we sat down the Casualty theme tune started blaring from the wall mounted TV as the programme started. Probably happens every week, but we just looked at each other and laughed.
I was paying for my dinner in the works canteen and, unusually for me, used my credit card. Just as I was about to pay I had an itchy nose, and poked myself in the the eye with the corner of the credit card. Hurt more than I expected but sat down to eat my dinner. Half way through my dinner someone else joined the group and said "my god, what have you done to your eye", then various comments from around the table "you need to get that looked at" followed by "seriously, you need to get that looked at - go to casually right now !" I'd managed to nick the surface of my eye - thankfully not the lens - but looked like Dracula. I only saw it after returning from casualty - it was just eye drops to help healing and prevent infection - but it looked ghastly. That is probably my silliest visit.

And to sympathise with Accy's paint incident - you don't want to f-about with eyes. Fair enough if emulsion paint washes out, but if it persists or in hurting or is a more "chemically" paint 'd get it looked at.
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1.86 metres/6' 1". It was a wall-mounted cupboard, not one stood on the floor!

We had just rearranged the kitchen layout. The cupboard had been on another wall but had just been moved to its new position and I forgot that...
I've had proper concussion once. Tripped in the primary school playground. Massive lump on head, off to A&E. Discharged, but 'if sick' bring him back. Got to car and threw up. Back in hospital for a night. A few other big knocks to the head, but had a lid on, so nothing more than an ache.
I think I owe my life to the good people of Chester A&E. Some years back I had tremendous chest pains so much so that I could hardly move. Mrs. Slow eventually thought enough of this and rang for an ambulance fearing a heart attack.

A young female doctor gave me the once over and after a telephone conversation with someone I assume more senior diagnosed a PE.

They treated me for this and despite now being on blood thinners for life (like a lot of people) I do think the correct diagnosis probably saved my life to which I am grateful to them.

Have also been there with a dislocated elbow which they had x-rayed and reset within two hours so I have nothing but good things to say about them.

Trying to get an appointment at my local GP though, that is quite a different matter!!!!
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