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Two this morning


First is Newport Pagnell Methodist church .


Then st Peter and st Paul's a bit further down the main Street .

My bike in front of the back of the St. Dionys city church in Esslingen am Neckar, which for some reason I never found out, has unmatched towers.

Unlike buildings in Stuttgart this is largely original, Esslingen having not been bombed as heavily in the war. The town has medieval centre that would be famous in any other country, but here it is overshadowed by Tübingen and half a dozen other towns.

Extra useless information: the building to the right of the picture is part of the oldest "Sekt" factory in Gemany. "Sekt" is the same as champagne but we aren't allowed to call it that.

So now you know.
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Which church is that? and how did it end up in that state?
That was Dunlewey Church of Ireland parish Church. It was built c1850 by the widow of the local landlord in memory of her recently deceased husband but it's a really remote and sparsely populated area and the congregation was always tiny so it fell out of use in the 1930s and the roof had become dangerous and was removed in the 1950s.

It was very misty when I took this photo a while back but this is the view you normally see this Church from high up the hillside. It is a very iconic view and the subject of many postcards from around here.
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Today's bike/church combination - my CAAD9, brought out for the winter, in front of St Andrew's, Kenn.

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